HL2EP1DQ Video


Here, watch it on youtube. www.youtube.com/CptCool2

Oh btw, thanks Cameron for uploading those :smiley:


How come the video isn’t on the SourceRuns youtube channel?


The IQ is reserved for SourceRuns.


And how come no one has uploaded the IQ to sourceRuns?


Typical said he was going to do it, doing the LQ one was too much work for my internet as it is, so I won’t be doing it. If anyone else wants to do it, I’ll hook you up with the YouTube password.


All I need right now is that tool DJon said I should use to split up the video. Apparently it would save me not having to re-render it.


Should I make a LQ AVI Xvid 30 FPS version? Also French and corrected English subs are coming.


If you want to quickly copy the IQ one to this server, use cURL or wget to copy it off mine.


I finally got around to watch the run with HQ. Watched it two times, the later one with commentary.
And I must say that some of the tricks and skips was really sweet. And Im impressed how much you guys improved the phase 1 time as well.

I really enjoyed it, good job! :slight_smile:

So I got my new pc up and running, so Im able to check out HLs soon :wink:


hmm… What I must do with .srt comment file? ???


You can load the .srt file with BSPlayer, Media Player Classic, or another video player with subtitles support.


Hmm… Insane Quality laggz hardly! :-X


Get a better computer.


Hmm… Low Quality laggz slightly! :-X



Get coreavc decoder (use google) =). It runs h246 video fast even on slow computers.
I’ve got smooth play of LQ version on Celeron 1.5GHz with coreavc and its option ‘Deblocking’ turned to ‘Skip always’


Send me 10000$ :slight_smile:

I’ll see that. HL2 Done Quick - Insane Quality NO LAGGZ AT ALL WITHOUT COREAVC

went to watch demos


I have an old ThinkPad with a 800 something MHz processor that can barely play videos as it is, I’m gonna try playing the LQ video on that with coreavc.


Hmm. CoreAVC helped, but now sound isn’t synchronized with video BECAUSE VIDEO IS SLOWER THAN THE SOUND. It was in the hl2 dq IQ but then it removed…

SERIOUSLY went to watch demos


Get it up on the SourceRuns youtube channel already!


It’s coming soonish. I’ve almost got some splits which I can upload. :slight_smile: