HL2EP1DQ Video


I want teh subtitles, but they 404 me!


Could someone of the runners or anyone else that knows this help me and tell me what build version were the demos recorded? I tried several different pre-orangebox versions and I’m getting this error:

Missing RecvProp for DT_BasePlayer - DT_BasePlayer/m_iFOV Host_EndGame: CL_ParseClassInfo_EndClasses: CreateDecoders failed.
Which from my understanding means that my server and/or client dll is old and is missing something.



Welcome to the forums Chinese_Soup!

iirc there was a preupdate they used to run it, but I can’t grab it anymore because of my stripped access to some boards hehe (I was a little bitch thats why).




Thanks, but the link is 404 for me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Oh, shit, sorry. I probably should’ve checked first. I wish I remembered which version we recorded on. All I know is that it was Protocol 11 or something.


It’s okay, I came across this http://www.moddb.com/mods/old-versions-of-valve-games-as-mods/tutorials/how-to-install-old-version-of-half-life-2-episode-one-10062011-as-a-mod and using the Source SDK 2006 Base apparently worked. So for anyone interested in the future, just follow that tutorial! The demos are protocol 7 btw, I just had versions with protocol 7 that were too old.
This one is:

Protocol version 7 Exe version (episodic) Exe build: 17:27:58 Dec 3 2009 (4044)





The links on the first page are dead. But the run can still be downloaded from SDA: http://speeddemosarchive.com/RunsWithScripts.html#halflife2ep1
Or via torrent (webseed): http://archive.org/download/2011-03-05-SDA_Speed_Runs/2011-03-05-SDA_Speed_Runs_archive.torrent


Man, I’m a damn archivist and I let all those links die… One day I’ll get off my butt and make a complete SourceRuns Archive.


Still got all the qualities of the run, including 40 GB x264-lossless video. Was too lazy to delete it.


Link ded, heres the tut: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3116080


Do you use XP as your main os?


about 4 years late but. That mod has been deleted, can’t download it anymore.


Episodic unpack is too new a version isn’t it?

You might just need to try find an old torrent that’s still alive.