HL2EP1DQ Video


Wow, kinda funny how quick it went up after we asked about it. But whatever, the good news is that it got accepted. I hope creating the game page for it doesn’t take them as long as posting the verification report :smiley:


Is my bandwidth going to go through the roof now? :stuck_out_tongue:
Influx of people wanting awesome quality run or not?


It shouldn’t do. I don’t think there’s been much of an interest spike since our verification went through. And when SDA finally publish it, it’ll be hosted by them, not us, so we should be fine ;).


Hopefully HL2EP1DQ will be a wonderful christmas gift on SDA, but it sure takes a long time to get it officially posted on SDA. I wonder why considering that the run has already passed verification and all that stuff…


2 months later!


SDA haven’t forgotten about it… Well, I think they did, but I’ve reminded Mike about it again and he says he’ll work on it, get it ready for publishing. Hopefully not long left <3

Plus we got that PCGamer thing.

And people on SDA know us. During the marathon, I donated, and they noticed my username, and knew what I played, and I think mentioned SourceRuns, if not HLDQ team.

Still, we are winrars.


We got about 600 visits to the site from Reddit too (Don’t know how many of them ended up watching it though)

Still, we are **winrars**.
lol WinRars :D


Which game was this?

When eXeC and I finish the mimp run it’s going up on reddit as well, redirecting here. It will probably not get as many views as hl2e1dq, but it’s still something.


Everyone should make a Reddit account to up vote all our videos :stuck_out_tongue:


Link? I can’t seem to find it. :o



72%. :o

Come on guise!


What is Reddit? Never heard of it before.


It’s a site for the pros.

It's a site for the pros.

It can’t be. I’ve never heard of it.


A civilized combination of 4chan and Digg




It’s a site for those who like polite, grammatically correct comments and puns.


It was during Earthworm Jim, igge.