HL2EP1DQ Video


Hey Drunksailor, good to have you on the forums, yes, you can download the .mp3 file here


thanks but i downloaded the lq version and watched in vlc for the commentary track. is there any tricks compendium like what “we” had in hl2dq? i mean on a map by map basis so the ones who didnt run the game can better understand what’s going on? and how the tricks were performed, i only played through ep1 one time and i dont remember being able to even bunnyjump? :slight_smile:


Run Comments :slight_smile:




If I wasn’t so tired those comments would have brought a tear to my eye. We did good guys.


I think we all get a little bit distracted from the main topicstarter’s theme


Would you have it any other way? :stuck_out_tongue:


doxliy won’t mind :smiley:


The topicstarted says: You must download the video and watch it! And then grab all of your friends and force them to watch it too. MwAhaha the world is almost in my hand !!! =)

By the way, I’m still seeding it thru torrets and there are some stats from my uTorrent:
LQ upload ratio is 3.5
MQ upload ratio is 3.6
HQ upload ratio is 2.9
IQ upload ratio is 5.3


Yeah, my IQ seed ratio was around 5 too.


Due to a lack of hdd space some time ago I had to delete all but the iq, and I couldn’t be bothered re-downloading them after that. :frowning:


Well, I’m doing my part, ARE YOU?!


Okay, what’s up with the verification on SDA? The run disappeared from the “runs that need verification”-list months ago and there still isn’t anything on the site about it. What exactly does that mean? Usually when a run is rejected, there still is a post about it with the verifiers comments/verdicts. So why aren’t there any? Seems to me like the run was taken off the list because there were enough verifiers, but they never handed in their verdicts. Any chance that whoever submitted the run talks to the SDA admin who’s responsible for the verification process?


I’ll message Mike, ask about it. It has been far too long. Last I knew, it was still in verification.


Good, this is taking far too long, we finished this run March 8th, and finished the video around the beginning of April, it should already be up by now, or rejected, whichever.


Hey Mike, I was wondering if there’s a problem with the Half Life 2: Episode One verification? It’s been a couple of months since we submitted it, just wondering if everything’s alright? :slight_smile:
ah no actually
I’m going to post the results soon
Alright, thanks :slight_smile:

Now, by “no actually” did he mean “everything’s not alright” or did he mean that there’s no problem.

Guess we’ll find out soon :slight_smile:


And what does “soon” mean? Based on the time it’s been in verification this could mean anything between tomorrow and January :confused: At least we know they didn’t just forget about it which is all I wanted to know. So, mission accomplished, Josh.


I’m guessing one of the verifiers went awol and he has just decided to post the results as is. Unfortunately if you get a few lazy verifiers it can take ages, or maybe you have some really thorough verifiers, either way if he said soon it should hopefully be out within a week or two.


How thorough could you get. For verification to take something like half of the time it took to do the run you’ve got to wonder what they could be looking for. :wink:


Apparently not very, but the verification is done.