Half-Life NO JUMP Speedrun (31:27)

Just noticed this thread was alive again, and wow! On a rail faster than SW!?

Really looking forward to seeing this run! Will you be using the health door glitch?

I don’t think IHD will be used, but the strat to open the door faster will be used.

  1. IHD won`t be used, but grunt will be used to open the door.
  2. Changelevel trigger delay script won`t be used.
  3. Run will be done on easy difficulty
  4. Run will be made with 500 fps (sometimes less ofc)
  5. Heavily segmented (average segment lenght at this point is 6,4 seconds). Still a long way till Portal Done In-bounds.
  6. Fastfire trick script won`t be used. IMO - there is a difference between scripts, that make run/segments easier to perform (reduce unnecessary headache) and scripts, that do actions, which is impossible with human reflexes. Even if we had a super cumputer, which can load hl maps in few nanoseconds - its still impossible to click 160 times in one second. This trick is very cool indeed, but it fits better for a TAS run.

Okay, good to hear!

Good luck with the run. Can’t wait to see it!

Progress so far:

2 segments from “Apprehension” was redone and additional second was saved, making the final time 2:10 for chapter and 15:05 total.

“Residue Processing” is done.

My previous time - 1:56 (total time 20:19)
My new time - 1:39 (total time 16:44)
SW time - 1:44 (total time 18:40)

Every single time you make a post updating progress, i get a little more excited for the run. Keep up the good work, can’t wait for it!

Well, its been a long time since last update. Slowly but surely. Vacation, study and goddamn scientist, which wins in nomination “the most inconstant thing in gaming history”

“Questionable Ethics” is done:
My previous time - 1:58 (total time 22:17)
My new time - 1:35 (total time 18:19)
SW time - 1:43 (total time 20:23)

I think Borderlands Legendary drop rates beat you on the most inconsistent thing (1/10000th chance of getting one), but still YAY for another chapter down!

Little spoiler.

11/10 rly

I have no words to describe how awesome that looks. Its like seeing that bit in the HL21 trailer where gordon was flying across blast pit from the obbo for a split second. I’m hyped.

wow that jump…can’t wait for the release

wow that jump…can’t wait for the release

It’s no jump, silly… :wink:

How’s the progress?

quadrazid: lol i forgot this is a no jump speedrun… uhm, nice tricks mate ;D

nice no jump run! i also see you’re a fan of runescape legends?

Question: Are you using quickgauss in this?

Used, using and will be usin. That was one of the reasons i decided to make a new speedrun.

Awesome! Can’t wait 8)

It`s been a long time since last update, but it was time well spent.

“Surface Tension” done:

My previous time - 3:02 (total time 25:19)
My new time - 1:43 (total time 20:02)
SW`s time - 3:03 (total time 23:26)

HL21 time - 1:34

For the first time i took HL21 time for comparison, because my new time is closer, than any other speedruns. Just a reminder - no fast fire scripts and chengelevel triger delays were used.