Half-Life NO JUMP Speedrun (31:27)

Holy shit. How?

Seriously hyped!

Zezima please stahp, it’s not funny anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy shit. How?

Seriously hyped!

HL21 did 56 gauss boosts in total. With the quickgauss trick you can do 60 1000ups boosts with the ammo cells you get in Questionable Ethics already. Then there is Box Item Duplicating that gives 20 additional cells and so on.

Will be a very interesting watch indeed!

Forget About Freeman!
Lambda Core
Gonarch’s Lair

Hmm probably in 2016 still i cant wait to see this!

Has any progress been made on this or is the project dead?

Has any progress been made on this or is the project dead? [1]

No reply after 8 months probably means it’s dead.

I believe it’s close to completion.

Oh. I probably shouldn’t have jumped to that conclusion. Can’t wait to see it.

Doubting hard he is still continuing with his project… :frowning:

Zezima contacted me in the end of January about updating the HLAE hack I made a while ago and told me he had last 3 maps of Interloper and Xen to do, and then video editing.

Any news? Zezima you still here?

Now that’s something you didn’t expect to pop up in “Recent Forum Threads”. But hold up your hype, because there is nothing to be excited about. Some All of you may’ve already concluded, that i ditched the project - that’s true. I`ve played way too much at the beginning of my project and I’ve put an unhealthy amount of hours into it, but regardless of all my effort, at one point I looked at my speedrun as a whole and realised - my speedrun is simply a bad copy of HL21. The lack of “infinite health gitch” was supposed to be a “visit card” of my speedrun, but it got replaced with “quickgauss”, which offers similar, sometimes even more superior benefits. Considering all of the above, the result is self-explanatory - i got completely burned out and lost all interest in continuing of my project.

I apologise to everyone, who waited for a complete product and i want to thank you for your patience.

With a heavy heart, but still feeling relieved, I am proud to present to you, what was supposed to be a “Half-Life speedrun without jumping in …”

Special thanks to YaLTeR, Airstrafers and Takyon for editing guidance.

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It’s a shame you didn’t finish it but what you made was really amazing. I think you should release the segments in case someone from the community wants to finish the run.
Great job man.