Half-Life NO JUMP Speedrun (31:27)

This is awesome! This movement looks pretty weird, imagine how it looks from 3rd person camera :slight_smile: I’d like to see the whole run, keep working man)

Looks really good so far, well done!

One question, how did you survive the fall in the elevator shaft? (I’m guessing it’s an edgebug)

really good so far, well done!

question, how did you survive the fall in the elevator shaft? (I’m guessing it’s an edgebug)

Yep, same as HL21. Unfortunately, jumpbug is unavailable for me

Acceleration on perfect duckroll (when you duck only on ground) is exactly the same as normal bunnyhopping, but you get a friction speed drop for one frame of your touching the ground. Acceleration on the duckspam script is somewhere between the normal bhop accel and crouched bhop accel since you have frames of ducking in the air. And, of course, the friction drop.

This is bound to be an extremely entertaining run. Look forward to seeing it. Not using the health door as well as no jumping will make this really unique.

Well, well… Will be waiting that. Translate: “Ты не спеши, мы подождем”. :smiley:

Progress so far.

Unforeseen Consequences done.

My previous time: 1:30 (total time: 5:59)
**My new time: 1:14 **(total time: 5:26)
Spiderwaffle time: 1:11 (total time: 6:31)

Worth to mention, that starting UC far away from the test chamber window and bringing the box over the bridge added some time.

This run looks cool. Can’t wait.

Progress so far.

Office Complex done

My previous time: 1:30 (total time 7:29)
My new time: 1:08 (total time 6:32)
Spider-Waffle time: 1:17 (total time 7:48)

Progress so far.

“Weve got hostiles” done.

My previous time: 0:20 (total time 7:49)
My new time: 0:15 (total time 6:47)
Spiderwaffle time: 0:17 (total time 8:05)

“Blast Pit” done.
One of the hardest and probably the most entertaining level in the run currently.

My previous time: 4:48 (total time 12:37)
My new time: 3:34 (total time 10:21)
Spiderwaffle time: 3:45 (total time 11:50)

The hype is real.

Can’t wait : >

How are you beating Spider-Waffle?


Just to keep up the thread -
Power Up done (as i said before - without triggerdelay)

Spider waffle time - 9 seconds
My new time - 9 seconds

Since i finaly have ability to walk, making the speedrun will be much slower now. But it’s still 1# priority in my free time. “On the Rail” is already halfway completed.

Progress so far

On the Rail done.

Was hoping to get atleast Spiderwaffle time, but HL21 strats and trick works wonders. (and groundduck, thanks to Yalter)

My previous time: 3:25 (total 16:04)
My new time : 2:25 (total 12:55)
Spiderwaffle time: 2:44 (total 14:43)

Next 2 levels wont be innovative about tricks. I look forward to 5-7 second improvement through better optimisation.

On A Rail faster than spiderwaffle is insane, I’m really looking forward to see this run.

Progress so far.

“Apprehension” done

My previous time - 2:19 (total time 18:23)
My new time - 2:11 (total time 15:06)
Spiderwaffle time - 2:13 (total time 16:56)

As i said earlier, nothing major wont happend. The improvement is miserable, but the way it was done is actualy quite entertaining.

“Residue processing” will be slower than SW. And there is nothing we can do bout it. Good thing is - its going to be the last level, which will be slower than SW.


Also the fact your beating SW’s time but not EVER jumping is amazing

The hype is too real for me.