Gunman Chronicles




i’m busy


I think I MIGHT run this after mimp. Looks damn interesting, and there’s still no run of it.


There is. But it can be improved significantly. 313MB

Good luck.


Sorry if i’m bumping this thread but can you upload this to Youtube?


The resolution is 240p (or smaller) and the quality is so bloody poor that it’ll make your eyes bleed, you’ll barely be able to see what he’s doing anyway.


Sorry for bumping but I’m going to attempt to run this game.

I completely forgot about this game until I saw quad’s bunnyhop video on it and suddenly I thought why hasn’t this been done yet? Then I saw this thread.

This would be my first run… so what do I need to get started? By that I mean, are there any settings I need to throw in my autoexec.cfg that will help me significantly in running it?

For everything else I’ll just use the HL running thread.

#128 we have a list of various scripts that might help you throughout the run.

If the Bunnyhop script out there (with _special) doesn’t work, try this one

[code]//bunnyhop loop
alias +auto “alias name jumpy;jumpy”
alias -auto “alias name”
alias jumpy “+jump;wait;-jump;wait;cmd name”

bind key +auto

also these scripts might help you out a lot too:

[code]//shotgun boost
alias boost “weapon_shotgun; cust_24;cust_11;cl_pitchup 180;cl_pitchdown -180;+attack;w;-attack;lastinv;lastinv;cl_pitchup 89.999;cl_pitchdown 89.999;force_centerview”

//chemicalgun boost
alias boost2 “weapon_SPchemicalgun;cust_21;cust_41;cust_31;cust_15;cl_pitchup 180;cl_pitchdown -180;+attack;w;-attack;lastinv;lastinv;cl_pitchup 89.999;cl_pitchdown 89.999;force_centerview”
make sure you have the Wait Table (it’s in the wiki scripts page)

To achieve smooth segment transitions, use these aliases:

alias pause1 "host_framerate 0.0000001;sensitivity 0;stop" alias pause0 "host_framerate 0;sensitivity <yoursens>"
then just bind pause1 to a key (I recommend TAB button) to stop demo recording and pause the game, and pause0 to unpause (change the to your desired in-game sensitivity).

Also, find a file called game.cfg and put pause1 inside it so it pauses the game as soon as you go through a changelevel or load a savegame.

So yeah, to record a segment demo, use something like

then run your segment and hit TAB once you’re done - your game will get paused and you can open up console to save the game and work on the next segment, or reload and try again.

Haha, good luck, I seriously hope this game gets a nice speedrun one day!

YAY 666th POST!


Hi and welcome! : >

Whats your goal with the speedrun? If you want to submit it to SDA you can’t use scripts and you also gotta use the original WON version.

If not, you can use whatever scripts you’d like. And then I’d also recommend to use the won2steam patch together with the NGHL client. Links below. This also adds some demo maps. So you can replace the patched maps folder with the WON maps folder. Or why not run the bonus maps as well.


I won’t be submitting to SDA, however if the run is successful I guess there’s nothing stopping me doing a non-scripted run also.

Thanks for all the help guys, if I need anything else I’ll let you know.

I’ll keep you posted when I eventually get set up.

(Ordered a new copy of the game online, lost my old one)


By the way, sorry to be a pain but can someone re-upload the DownUp run? All the links I’ve seen are outdated/broken.


I’d suggest to search for tricks and routes yourself before watching his run.
You might get blind for better routes when you’ve seen his. Tunnel vision is the brake that stops many speedruns from being improved.

Edit: I’ll upload it for you ofc.


Good point. But yeah, would still be useful for reference just in-case I miss out on any.

I’m running GC through the NGHL build and everything is working fine, however I do not wish to run the bonus maps, how can I play the normal campaign without them? Me and a friend already figured out some pretty good routes so I’d rather run the original campaign without the bonus maps.


Good choice. That will make it more interesting to see how much you crushed the old time : >

I suppose you still have the original game installed? Go to the original files and copy the \maps\ folder that contains all the bsp’s. Go to NGHL directory and replace the \maps\ folder being there.


Making progress, will post a video soon.

I have a few questions…
Since I’m playing GC through the HL rebuild, instead of the standard ‘LOADING…’ screens with the yellow text, I get the Steam loading boxes, obviously these create difficulty in keeping your bhop at a good speed…

Is there any way I can switch back to the standard yellow text ‘LOADING…’ screens instead of using the Steam loading boxes?

Also, anyone know why the auto-bhop script used in HL rebuild doesn’t work in Gunman? I’d love to be able to use it, obviously I can bhop well as it is but since I’m doing a scripted run I think it would make sense to use it.


Good to hear you’re still on it!

Your questions have solutions in exec’s post above. _special simply isn’t in the code for GMC. But there are similar scripts to use for workaround.
For loadings, just create a game.cfg in your GMC folder and put “pause1” in it (assuming you got the pause1, pause0 aliases in your custom cfg). Game.cfg is executed by the game each loading so it’ll pause the game at any quick load, map transition, everything. I recommend to make a new segment at each new map, since there will be a cut at those either way.
I’m not sure about changing the load screen layout.


Yeah, I’m pretty busy as it is however I’m contributing my spare time to this, so it will probably be quite a while before it’s complete.

Apologies, I did try the bhop loop script before with mwheelup and it didn’t work properly, however I just tried it again with space and it works perfectly.

Got my config set up now, so it’s time to begin properly.

Just a quick question…
Would using Rinput.exe (raw input mouse injector software) be considered cheating?

EDIT: Here’s a new problem, when I go to playdemo the segment demos, they’re just frozen, they don’t play. When I go to viewdemo them, it says ‘couldn’t load’.

I also tried reversing the “record seg1;pause0” with “pause0;record seg1” and that didn’t work either.


Using RInput is not a cheat in any way, so feel free to use it.

About demo freezing, try loading up the demo and then enter host_framerate 0 or just pause0 into the console and see if it starts playing.


Strange… I went back into Gunman today and tried them again, they worked.
At least if that does happen now though, I’ll know how to try to fix it, thanks again.


Well I’m not entirely sure if my “fix” works at all, but if it happens again, you could try it to make sure.