Gunman Chronicles


I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a proper run of this game yet. I think it’s the only official goldsource engine game I know of that’s left in the speedrun department. There were two or more rather big threads about this on SDA, but for some reason the run was never really picked up by anybody. Dale was very interested in a run of the game too if I’m not mistaken.

There is a very unoptimised run of this that didn’t get submitted to SDA (obviously) which could serve as a phase 1 video. Having a shitty p1 video is always a great motivator due to all the improvements that are possible :> If anybody’s interested, I could upload it again in case the link on SDA is dead again.

Might be something for you crazy gs runners to look at once that new HL run is completed. I’d sure love to see a run of GC.

(Adding relevant videos //quad)
Full speedrun by downup 54min:


Can anyone find this on the steam store? ???


For some reason it doesn’t get sold there :confused: cough…


I’ve actually played this game. And I think it would be a cool speedrun.
I don’t like the design that much tho, especially not the modeling.

But there is bunnyhop and weapons to boost both horizontal and vertical :>
And probably a bunch of wicked tricks yet to be discovered.

And I wonder if scripts would be accepted.


Hell yes! Gunman Chronicles is so well suited for speedrunning due to it’s boosting weapons (the pistol set to charge, the shotgun and that acid-gun which has unlimited boosts). I do agree with quadrazid that the game isn’t the most well-designed game, the enemies and some levels just look weird to be honest. But that doesn’t take away the fact that it has bunnyhop, wallstrafe, boosting-weapons that you get very early in the game.

Here is the old thread over at SDA where some tricks, routes etc. were discussed.


If ya’ll don’t want to dig through the thread for the run Downup did, here it is.


I’ve been having trouble getting scripts to work in it. Any solutions?

EDIT: Didn’t work because of the compatibility I used to run the program. (XP SP3 changed to Vista SP2. Why all the hate for Vista. :P) Going to have a play through now.

EDIT2: Vista SP2 can’t load games without crashing and crashes randomly. What OS was the game made for? ???


Fuck me, the game annoys me again already. I had an fps problem when I played it like two months ago. Somehow I fixed it back then, but for some reason I’m having the same problem again now. I have only around 60fps in window and fullscreen mode on both the directx and opengl drivers. fps_max is at 101 :confused:

Another thing I noticed, the gun charge boost that Downup used doesn’t work for me at all. Could this be a version problem? Gonna skim through the old thread again to see if anything is mentioned in there.

Edit: Scratch that idea; the game was never patched :E Any ideas why the charge boost doesn’t work for me, Dale? I somehow doubt that it’s hard to perform.

Edit2: Just remembered how I fixed the fps issue… used the WON to Steam patch that’s available here. See if that fixes your problems, Tooley. You need HL for it though, but I’m guessing everyone here owns a copy of that anyway.


What script are you using to jump? I’m having a hard time getting them to work on XP SP3.


alias +bhop “+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump”
alias -bhop “-jump”

bind space “+bhop”

Should be the one from Spider-Waffle’s OF run. I think I added one +jump instance to it though. Maybe quad could confirm that this works correctly :wink:


Where do I put the alias? I can’t find autoexec.cfg. :-\


Then make one. :slight_smile:
Same directory as config.cfg

cRZYFST: the script looks great btw.


Watching the run now. Thanks for all the help Nick. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Is there a cap on bunny hopping?


The only thing that I can come up with is that you might have too much armor and therefore just take damage but you gain no extra height. The charge-boost doesn’t give you a lot of height, but you’ll reach the highest height by not having any armor.

And yeah the trick is easy: Look down, jump and shoot :slight_smile:

@Typical: I don’t think the bhopping is capped - could someone verify this?


For some reason “autoexec.cfg” isn’t running when I start up the game. Any diagnosis to why?

It’s in the same folder as “config.cfg”.


Dunno really, works fine here. You could just execute it manually and then make your config write protected.

Anyway, take a look at 8:05 in Downup’s run. He leaves out a pretty long map in the video :S



in the bottom of your config.cfg

also add

in your autoexec, it will show up in console if it works


I can’t activate it when I’m in game. ???

That’s probably why it’s not going off even when it’s in config as well. I’m going to try another file name. :frowning:


God, ya’ll are such noobs.


In their defence it’s mostly me. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Figure out how to use windowed mode for the award of awesomeness! (Can’t get steam overlay to work when I’m playing it.)