Gunman Chronicles


Installed this again, really funny ;D

here is weapon list so you can make direct binds:

Also a script for optimal horizontal boosts:
[tt]alias boost “cl_pitchup 180;cl_pitchdown -180;+attack;w;-attack;cl_pitchup 89.999;cl_pitchdown 89.999;force_centerview”
bind KEY boost[/tt]

It’s also possible to make scripts for the different firemodes.

BTW; is widescreen-mode supported in the steampatch?


AWESOME! Can anyone figure out what kind of boosts you can do with the beam gun?

I don’t think it gives you any horizontal boosts but it can damage you if you do a ball shot. Sadly you have to prime it and I was kind of hoping at this point in the game to get some kind of better damage boost that the pistol. :stuck_out_tongue:


Added wait replacing w.

Added a reload cancel.

Added shotgun turn into a rifle and fire 4 shells.

[code]//horizontal boosts shotty

alias boost “weapon_shotgun; cust_24; cust_11; cl_pitchup 180;cl_pitchdown -180;+attack;wait;-attack; lastinv; lastinv; cl_pitchup 89.999;cl_pitchdown 89.999;force_centerview”

bind r boost

One push sets up shotgun boosts the rest will boost you.


The best vertical boost I’ve got yet is with the chemical-gun. Very high/damage
It’s 3x5 different mixes. The problem is that each mix seems to be unique, lol.
Gotta test all of them.

Grenades seems to be much more inefficient for vertical boost then in HL, alike with the DML/RPG.
The beam-gun don’t seem to give any damageboosts at all.


Did someone say that they couldn’t get pistol boosting to work? Because it works fine for me. To gain a bunch of height off of it you kind of need to hug the wall and aim at the wall at like a 45 degree angle. This makes the explosion closer to you, does more damage and obviously sends you a lot higher then just aiming at the floor.

Another thing to mention is that if you’re jumping using a bunny hop script then it might go off a bit late as it has to run through the script before you can fire the weapon. To counter this personally I just use the Left alt key as my alternate jump.


Cool, didnt know there was "cust_ " command. Will be very useful.
But I can’t see what you achieve with reload cancel. The only reloadable weapon is DML?
And does shotgun spread really matter?

Cool, didnt know there was "cust_ " command. Will be very useful.

Yeah… I’m not too sure on how it works. I just changed the settings on the gun in game and the console gave me feedback on what commands it was doing.

But I can't see what you achieve with reload cancel. The only reloadable weapon is DML?

There’s like a cool down after you use the shotgun where you can’t shoot it again for a short while. It’s faster to change weapons twice. It saves like a second so you can boost more regularly.

And does shotgun spread really matter?

It’s just preference. I like the rifle moar. :slight_smile:

Finally there is no imposed cap on bunny hopping. :slight_smile:


I see, nice.

In the blue icy room @14,57 in downups run. It’s possible to slide one of the blocks up to the bridge.


Kinda enjoying goldsrc :>
Thanks for the boost script, tooley.


I’m guessing I need to update if I want to view it.

sk_gaussshot_d1 “9.5”
sk_gaussshot_d2 “9.5”
sk_gaussshot_d3 “8”

sk_gaussfast_d1 “13”
sk_gaussfast_d2 “13”
sk_gaussfast_d3 “10”

sk_gaussslow_d1 “50”
sk_gaussslow_d2 “50”
sk_gaussslow_d3 “50”[/code]

1 is easy, 2 is medium and 3 is difficult. Could be why someone was having trouble charge boosting.


Hmm, I think the difficulty was already set to hard. Anyway, I uploaded a demo of how to skip the explosive weapons training to the dropbox folder. Found the skip a while ago on youtube. Also, it’s possible to punch the instructor in the face, making him immediately run towards the elevator (run, not walk). I don’t know yet how exactly I managed to do that; worst case scenario: luck.


Nick, how did you update your game? I can’t view your demo’s unless I do and every time I try to do it through the game it tells me that the game isn’t installed properly.


I didn’t update it at all, there is no official update or patch for the game. You are using the won to steam patch though, aren’t you? Aside from that there’s a wonfiles_cleanup.bat in the patch that I think I ran once. Anybody else here having trouble viewing my demos? Could you post one of your demos to see if I can play them? playdemo and viewdemo both work fine for me on my demos, obviously.

Edit: See what version spits out for you. For me it’s

] version Protocol version 48 Exe version (valve) Exe build: 16:05:41 Jun 15 2009 (4554)

Edit2: About charge jumpin, the height obviously depends on how much armor you have. For a good jump height you don’t want to have any armor at all. This script here produces a quite satisfying height for me, possibly not optimal but still very good. Having 0 armor, a perfect hit drains 23 hp.

// charge jump (based on SW’s mortar jump)
alias w wait
alias ww “w;w;w;w;w;w;w;w;w;w”
alias chargejump “weapon_gausspistol; cust_32; +duck; ww; w; +attack; w; +jump; -attack; w; w; w; +jump; w; -jump; ww; -duck;”

bind c chargejump[/code]

Here’s also a little demonstration on rust2b. The script doesn’t look down for you as I think scripting this is unnecessary for a jump like this.


Gunman-To-Steam Patch Features

  • Demo levels integrated into full game

Since Downup ran WON version, these are not included in his run. And I guess we should not either.

Nice moves :smiley:

I’ve made some demos of random skips. Protocol 47, will run on 48 as well.

Also, there is a lot of pushable objects throughout the game ;D

] viewdemo jump1 Playing demo from jump1.dem. WARNING! jump1.dem has an outdated demo format. > BUILD 2834 SERVER (0 CRC) Server # 19

WARNING! Server returned protocol version 47, not 48
Demo file completely loaded.
Demo file completely loaded.
Demo playback stopped.
Automatic connect

I also tried to watch them with the WON version which didn’t work either for some reason :confused: There I get

ERROR: demo protocol outdated Demo file protocols 47N:5D Server protocol is at 43N:D

Speaking of WON, I guess we’re having the same problem now as you guys have with the new hl run, eh? WON has the stupid fps limit which annoys me to death while the steam patch version has the random freezes after loading savegames. I’d prefer having to deal with randomly freezing demos to be honest :confused: If we decide to run the steam version, we should figure out how to get rid of the demo levels.

You should join the dropbox folder cameron created and upload your stuff there right away. That goes for everyone by the way! That way we can always look up stuff we might have forgotten without having to go around and ask people for old demos.


Use ‘playdemo’ for my 47’s. Also ‘viewdemo’ cant play through map transitions.
As for the demo levels, simply just overwrite your steam map-folder with the map-folder from your WON installation.

I’ll try to join dropbox right away!

BTW, I’d vote for running it with WON. Will make for much smoother re-records and also smoother final video.

] version Protocol version 43 Exe version Exe build: 17:11:34 Nov 12 2000 (4554)
ERROR: demo protocol outdated Demo file protocols 47N:5D Server protocol is at 43N:D


You gotta have Exe version to play 47/48 demos
note; always use ‘playdemo’ it’s more compatible then ‘viewdemo’


How do I get it?


Okay, now I’m confused, too. Under which version did you record those demos? It obviously can’t be WON since that’s protocol 43 as tooley posted and we aren’t able to view them with it. And why are there different protocols on the steam version? version on the steam version returns Exe version for me. The problem there should be that you have another HL version installed since the steam version of GMC is essentially a mod that’s loaded through steam’s hl.exe.


Sorry for confusion. It’s recorded with protocol 47.
But they will play in current Steam version too, using ¨playdemo¨. (which is protocol 48?)

Let’s decide which version to use from now on.
I’d say Steam under planning progress.