Gunman Chronicles


TYPICAL, it seems fucking hard indeed to do the west-tank-skip on skill 3.
But I still think it’s possible to do it with 100|100, lots of sg ammo and some segmenting.
If not, maybe there is armor somewhere along the way? I know there is health, but not sure about armor. Any solution skipping the tank is worth it.

The bhopscript posted above works flawless on Protocol version 47, as I mentioned on steam. I recommend it.

And here’s a great alias for segmenting/recording

bind v “pause1;load seg3” // Loads your save paused
bind e “pause1;wait;stop” // Pause the game, stops demo. Make save manually

alias pause1 “host_framerate 0.00000001;sensitivity 0;bind mouse2 pause0”
alias pause0 “demorecord;wait;host_framerate 0;sensitivity 2.5;bind mouse2 +attack” //SENS

//demo record
alias dem1 “record demo1;motd_write Recording demo1;motd;echo Recording demo1;alias demorecord dem2”
alias dem2 “record demo2;motd_write Recording demo2;motd;echo Recording demo2;alias demorecord dem3”
alias dem3 “record demo3;motd_write Recording demo3;motd;echo Recording demo3;alias demorecord dem1”
alias demorecord dem1[/code]

You can also put “pause1” i game.cfg (game.cfg is executed by the game every loading screen) so the game is paused automatically when you run into a transition.

Sin episodes Emergence?

Did I just notice a little Swedish in there, or was it just a typo? 8)


Hah, I think it’s a typo, but who knows ;>

I reached the part of the game where you get the Chemical-gun. Damn it’s powerful :>


Chemical gun is the future man.

Just take all the damage away and max the pressure. Best boosts EVER!


ETA of GMC Phase1? :>


OMFG. Are you actually working on a Phase1 run of GMC?! Please say you are… ;D


… I’m going on holiday soon.

Also I still don’t have a good way of playing back segments, let alone recording them…


Install 1120 p47. speedrun.


Didn’t sleep last night so I’m not going to be able to play SC2 or Ep2.



Yay! :slight_smile:


How do I run GMC through that version of half life? I realised I can’t boot it like most half life mods. >.>

EDIT: Holy shit. This things awesome. Found out how by the way.

EDIT2: Crashes on any load up of p47. Help? :-[

EDIT3: Success! By running on compatibility mode I can run GMC stably. I was wondering how to get the speed monitors working though. I swear I saw someone else mention them though it’s non essential.


Yay! Finally! I could never think of compatibility mode since Im still running winXP ;D
The only speedometer i know is the one rofi have made. And is for HL (valve) only.
Since BS, OF, GMC ect. got different gamecodes than HL, It wont work out.


OMFG Phase 1 GMC-DQ FTW FFS! GLHF! :slight_smile:

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread for sure, this game deserves a proper run… at least a Phase 1 run.


Quad do you know of any way of getting rid of that weird lag you get after the game has loaded. For some reason in GMC it keeps happening.


Yeah “clockwindow 0” and you’re ready to go. Good Luck :>


Quad. You’re the best!

It’s also not letting me input after loads. Solutions?


Letting you know that *ThomasDollar *from SDA hopefully will run this.

Also leaving a video of our current trick and route improvements i captured for him:

and the other older video:


Nice! The new videos is jam-packed with tricks, just shows how much potential this game has for speedrunning.

I would be very very happy if ThomasDollar completed a run. Go ThomasDollar, go! :slight_smile:


Sorry Dale, false alarm. He have already abandoned this project.


Why dont YOU run this game, quad?