Gunman Chronicles


Much better thanks. What do the fps changes do?


I know nothing about coding and stuff like it. But it is something about poor delta-timing code.
So at some bugged fps’s the jump spam just wont work properly, like at 100fps.
83.3 is value closest to <100 that works. If the script is running when you touch the ground, there will be no speed loss.

“Good” fps’s can be found by 1000/n, n= integer


But some is still bugged (ex. 100) And above 100, tha game will go in slowmotion if it’s not stable at some of the ones I listed.

Cya next weekend!


Finally! A script that lets me easely gain speed :smiley:

Thanks alot.


Tell me how to delay mapchange triggers. I have an idea on how to skip cut scene where the pirate guy is telling you why he faked his death. :smiley:


Alright. Give me 15 bucks, and I’ll tell you, only Quad and I know :smiley: (at least I think only we know :slight_smile:


Behave yourself Jared. Y’know I can ruin you. ;D


Why am I so slow? :frowning:

The script I’m using:

alias +bh "fps_max 83.333;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;" alias -bh "-jump"


To delay map changes you must have an alias running while the map is about to change. It changes when the alias finishes. It’s on the SDA HL1 thread.


Cheers Josh! :smiley:


And I you. I could reveal your true sexuality.

And I you. I could reveal your true sexuality.


HE’S FUCKING STRAIGHT. (gay people take that as an insult.)


Not sure dude.
But keep your mouse motion constant, dont do any pauses, check the Blast Pit train skip for example.
Also, you sure you get good ground timing? your script is quite short. Also set fps back to 100 or more at the end of the alias like the one I pasted some posts ago, This will get you some free % better airaccelerate.

Also, I’m looking forward to any cool triggerskipping shortcuts :wink:


I’m pretty sure that it’s not my mouse movement because when I bhop in CS:S I’m pretty fucking awesome.

Also I don’t think the shortness of the script would affect my speed if I got a rejump (if I missed it then it would be a massive problem but otherwise no. :()

Hoping it’s the FPS. :-\

EDIT: After thinking about it a little bit it’s like my keyboard doesn’t accept any other input while the script is running. This means that I’m strafing at the start of the re-jump. This could be because of my crappy keyboard or because my game is just baaad. I’ll work on getting a new one anyway since this one cost £9 and was supposed to be a temporary solution to a lack of keyboard. (I’ve had it for like a year now). XD


I see.

Actually, it’s not your keyboard. It’s the game itself that does’nt accept inputs during a running script (except mousemovement), also held buttons won’t be released until the script is over either. As you may notice if you experiment with the triggerdelay ;>

But I may have a working loopscript for GMC, OF, BS ect. I’ll hand it out when i’ll get home this thursday.
Loopscript only got one or two waits, so the alias delay is not noticable, and you’ll not need to time your press every jump.


EDIT:Got the script already, works 100% for games not able to use _special loop (GMC, OF, BS, older HL than ect.) Might be blocked in current steam version though. But under older version it works under any mod I tried yet.

[code]//bhop loop (fixed)
alias +aut “fps_max 83.333;alias name bhop;bhop”
alias -aut “alias name;fps_max 100”
alias bhop “+jump;wait;-jump;cmd name”

bind space +aut[/code]


I’ll give it a shot. I really want to be able to bhop hella fast. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: All it’s doing is filling the console with name is “typical”.

Any help?


Dunno, I pasted it into console in a single string like this:

alias +aut “fps_max 83.333;alias name bhop;bhop”;alias -aut “alias name;fps_max 100”;alias bhop “+jump;wait;-jump;cmd name”;bind space +aut

works like a charm, first script ever that has had consistent bh:ing without any speed loss between jumps


I assume you’re playing with steam? Then I guess the name-loop won’t work under any game in steam.
Let’s try it without the won2steam patch.

Yep, flawless :wink:


Works AWESOMELY non-steam.



I found TAS-mod also useful when I practiced, just observing your speed while you do different things can point out mistakes in technique.