Gunman Chronicles

And what about using the boost script (for gaussjumps) in Multiplayer? I wont get banned or smth?

I really doubt it.

I have also had trouble getting some of the demo’s that were uploaded working. Can’t remember too much about it now. :-\


eXeC. I’d rather say; why use AHK when there is internal scripts? :wink:
I think TYPICAL said most of it. In the internal script you have ‘+jump’ every second frame. Which means you have 50% chance to get a +jump the exact frame you land on the ground, which is no speedloss at all.
The other 50% is that you stay on the ground for one frame before the jump, still, the loss is pretty minimal.

I got curious so i did test AHK in HL1 just for the sake of it.
And just jumping in a straight line without any other inputs. I lost randomly values between 30-1 units per second each jump.
To get a sense of how much that is I can say that normal running speed is 320ups. After 10 jumps, I was down to 200ups.
EDIT: tested with “Sleep, 1”

So this might be the reason why you think your hlspbunny mod is capped?
If it shows up in your steam library, everything should be alright.

And yes you can use gauss scripts on most HL servers i guess. However pitchup, pitchdown, yawspeed, pitchspeed and force_centerview is blocked in Adrenaline Gamer.
But it’s not very effective in multiplayer anyway.


About the demos guys.
I think we decided to use the Steam patch until we start to record the actual run (with the map folder from WON, no demo levels included)
playdemo is the command to use for playback. It can play demos recorded with different protocol numbers (in this case 47 and 48). And it also continues the playback through transitions if you recorded a demo through many maps.
‘viewdemo’ can’t do any of this. The only advantage is the timeline which can be really useful in long demos of matches ect.

Thanks for bumping, I’ll play some this weekend :slight_smile:
wow, my longest post ever


I solved my demo-problem. Apparently there had been some problem when I downloaded the demo-files, so I re-downloaded them at they worked just fine i Steam-Gunman.

Okey so I just got registered and installed DropBox, how do I find your guys files? Where’s cRZYFST’s rust7a_slope demo?


I just invited you to the sourceruns dropbox folder. All the demos we uploaded should be in there somewhere.


Thanks! :slight_smile: Gonna check out those demos at the end of this weekend.


Thanks alot guys. I’m goin’ to check it out :slight_smile:

EDIT: Does someone knows a tip how to gain some speed, because Im getting it very slowly? :frowning:


Practice bunny hopping like crazy. If you’ve got CS or hl2dm then I would recommend finding a bunny hop server and just doing the maps offered. That’ll make you pretty good.

Failing that you just have to find a flat map somewhere and just go back and forth. :-\


I already practiced some grenade dmg boosting. And Im not sure if HL2DM or CSS still has bunnyhop servers since its OrangeBox engine… Or you meant HL1DM?

EDIT: Do you have to crouch while in air?

Here’s a short video showing me grenade boosting.


Did they update all of their source games to orange box? I thought it was only single player half life.

You don’t have to crouch in the air to bunnyhop.


I’ve been practicing Bhop a lot too.


There were some nice tricks/routes/demos in the dropbox folder! Some routes were much better than anything that I’ve discovered and some shortcuts were completely new to me, damn this game would have a sweet speedrun. I can only imagine what a Phase 2 run would look like :slight_smile:


On A Rail / Highway 17 copy ;D
Saving about 8 minutes on Downup’s run skipping the tank and bunny hop.

Check out the west_highway.demos


Those were great, man. However, I’m guessing everyone else will go on a hiatus on those maps cause you’ll take them away anyway. I for one suck too much to get even remotely close to the speed and consistency in those demos. I’m glad it’s possible to skip the stupid tank scenes though, but I already assumed it was doable with some more skills ;>


So it was possible… I’ve tried it but never made it through. That is great! :smiley: Instead of having that slow tank we now have one long bhop route instead, that’s beautiful quadrazid… absolutely beautiful.


Jesus Christ, that was col.


That was amazing.

What is the 1on1 deathmatch by the way?

I’m curious! :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want to play seriously: dm_overwatch
If you want to play for fun: dm_matar_v3

Wait, what?


It’s me and Mr. MadMan playing GMC deathmatch, many lolz :>
We also played some singleplayer maps co-op!

This game is sooo ugly ::slight_smile:

I’ll just drop a link to this video here, in case it’s relevant to someones interests

Gunman Chronicles - Bunny Jumping


Alright sweet! I’ll check it out before I go to bed. Next time you wanna play tell me. I wanna see what it’s like. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I thoroughly enjoyed those demo’s. I can’t believe how fast you can bunnyhop in them though. How did you learn to do it that fast?

EDIT2: It also seems like the bunny hop script that I use on steam isn’t as effective as the one I use on the non steam release. It’s like it doesn’t work sometimes. :-\


try this:alias +bh "fps_max 83.333;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;fps_max 100" alias -bh "-jump"