Guess the map






near the part where you get the knife in opposing force


man this one is easy
its one of the hidden parts in forget about freeman in the water area
the map name is c3a1a
i went here when i first played half life


dangit you beat me to it by a year





Correct, well done :slight_smile:

And there’s me thinking that was a hard one…

dangit you beat me to it by a year

Yup xD


Haha, I made a picture of this when I was working on my run, too.


is it bounce?


Is this the map? - I don't know EP2 maps, and this video is the easiest way I know to say which map I think it is without revealing it openly.


Okay, your map has been around too long, S. I’m going to to search through every Ep2 map, until I find the map your describing.


Good luck with that


Yeah, gave up about 1-2 months ago. If I remember correctly, I didn’t find anything. Then again I probably didn’t look that hard.



Office complex, in the room where you turn the power off. I see you are in the ceiling.