Guess the map


I was thinking to start some kind of forum game. There is many spots that never been in the highlight that few people know about.
I’d also like some challenges. If you have a hard time to find a secret. Just take a screenshot of a corner or something that doesn’t reveal much. I guess all (Gold)Source games are welcome.

So make a guess with the correct map-name or just describe the place. And of course post your own tickler.

I’ll start:


Those boxes outside are so familiar, I guess its c2a5f or that crossfire-like map with the cannon to blast doors before c2a5f.


Yeah, that’s the map that has the cannon to blast open the doors, in fact it’s right next to the cannon.

I think we should wait till Quad confirms one of us is correct, and then the winner gets to post the next map?


Correct, c2a5e (the original to hunted and crossfire). Maybe I made it too easy leaving the door open. New pic is welcome.


Games are these are pretty risky because if a pic is too hard, the answer will never be known. High chance of the topic dying quickly. I don’t think that what I said earlier (about the winner posting a new one), will work. So lets just post pictures at will I say. Then again grabbing a picture also takes time and people are lazy and stuff, but we’ll see.


Next time take a pic without mat_fullbright, because it’s hard to tell if its d2_coast_03 or d2_coast_09.


It’s supposed to be hard to tell. Keep trying.

(I tried disabling it but the game forced it on me for some reason)


Just remembered that your game forces you to play d2_coast_07 on mat_fullbright 1 lol


Another one.


Looks like one of the maps in Residue Processing, but could as well be an opposing force map. My map was in d2_coast_03 , its on top of Odessa’s house.


It’s not Residue Processing nor Opposing Force. :>


I give up




Go on, guess.






This is an easy one.


cf ofc
(For those who didn’t understand, “cf” means “crossfire”)


cf never ment crossfire.
cf.bsp was not found on the server.


way too obvious exe :>