Guess the map


Either c1a3b or the 2nd map of Uplink.



Super easy version:


Please don’t post new pics if a map posted earlier was not guessed (freechips’ pic).


ShouldbeNew-2nd map of OF after waking up (don’t know OF map names, sorry)


Wait what UnrealCanine? That’s from your Radioactive Decay game isn’t it?
I think that’s the last level of Unforessen Consequences but idk the codename. Sorry haven’t played HL1 that much currently.


Yeah, c1a1c.



Are sarcastic answers acceptable?


This is an episode 2 map



wait, I got it. It’s a trick question, it’s not an ep2 map. how much win did i win?

how much win did i win?
**1,000,000,000$** **+** **Half-Life 3**


Goal of the game is to guess what it is, not what it is not


Apprehension’s assassins and capture map


To revive the thread-

Is this the map? - I don’t know EP2 maps, and this video is the easiest way I know to say which map I think it is without revealing it openly.


1: Office Complex map, near the room with the grenades…
2: Blast Pit map, in the big elevator area




Yeah, you got it. c1a2b and c1a4.
Sorry UnrealCanine, SuperFrizzio beat ya to it. :slight_smile:


What the fuck?! Did they just pop out of a box? Why were they in a box? That’s Looney Tunes crap! Jesus! Well, they caught me off guard, I’ll give 'em that. I wonder if that was their idea or if it came from up the chain of command. Yeah, I can envision some cigar-smoking general ordering this. “Yeah! Just put two soldiers in a box! When the enemy approaches they just jump out! It’s brilliant!” I bet they’re both named Jack, too.