Guess the map


Is that the lost coast map?


Aye, it be Saint Ulga!


Damn, I thought it could be Lost Coast, but then remembered that there’s a bridge on the other side of the water, and in your picture there doesn’t seem to be anything.


It’s just the end of the peninsula.



IHD map.


Easy ones, just to bump this


Easy : >[spoiler]
On A Rail - the bottom button for the elevator blocked with explosives
On A Rail - Beginning of the long rail just after passing the rocket
Office Complex - Section D. where scientists are dragged into the vent

A bit harder



2nd pic: Map before tripmine hell (HL1)
4th pic: Map in OP4 where you have to shutdown the power from a electric elevator cable
8th pic: Map where barney is knocking the door at the very start of HL

(I’m bad at this)


All correct.

  1. Obviously Xen. First map of Interloper?
  2. What Elgu said. c2a5c
  3. Thing with pitdrones. Don’t know the map.
  4. c3a2

E: If 4 is incorrect than it must be map after cliff, c2a5b


1,2,6 are solved. Impressive job on the 6th one.

E: 1,2,4,6,9 solved.


9 = boot_camp?


8 is ba_security1, right?


Pretty sure it’s not. Lamp and lighting are different.


] opengf64 v1.2
] guessbot on
3 is c2a5b
5 is c2a4e
7 is c2a5g
8 is c1a4b


Correct. But you better upgrade to 1.3 since 10 and 11 are still unsolved.


Didn’t want to get caught with my hax, already too suspicious.



Lost coast?


Hey, you haven’t solved quad’s images yet.