There! Very, very happy with this run. The starting abh I think could have been a bit faster, I could have fallen directly into the hole as well, but other than that I’m really happy about it. 0:11.5


I doubt it would be beneficial because you can keep your speed anyway if you just punt the barrier since you’re in midair when you do it. Trying to glitch through the wood would just increase the number of attempts. I tried jumping over or dodging under it as well, but no luck.

The demo looks good, Josh, except for the hole part as you said. I think we should keep trying until we get that as well. If you hit the rubble at a certain angle you get catapulted right into the opening which should save at least a second over your current run, plus it looks cooler :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree to keep trying. Half a second improvement. 0:11.0. Still can’t manage the fall straight into the hole often enough to get it with everything else D:


How’s that as a route for the final segment? Should be survivable if you have more than 5hp zZzZzz
If you manage to land on one of the rooftops you see before the screen goes red for instance. If not, there’s still the crate with two health packs where we do the wallclimb so we could think about picking that up first.

I gotta say, the stuff we got planned for the first map already sets the tone for the rest of the run… unlike ep1_citadel_00 :>


That looks great man, exactly the idea I was thinking of!

Yeah, this is gonna be a great start. I mean, we haven’t actually had to pause yet I don’t think, apart from maybe a couple of seconds in the very first segment, then the rest we’re just ripping the map to pieces, and it’s awesome.

This run is going to be so difficult, but so awesome.


Hell yeah! Action from the very start of the run!


I’ve had a few tries at segment 4 and haven’t had much luck. I’m having trouble lining up the jumps at the end but I can punt the plank and jump into the hole pretty consistently. I’m going to wait till fresher’s is over till I start running properly because nowadays I just feel so sick.


Thoughts? It was my second attempt at the segment today :smiley: The end is a little slow, but I could move on with this :stuck_out_tongue:


Just as a note, using the . in a demo name means that the game won’t play it, which is why I ended up using underscore, so 12.3 becomes 12_3.

Also, I still have an 11.0 you need to beat before we can move on with yours, mate :P. I reckon it was pretty good, just the end ruined it really.


Oh, forgot you had an 11 sec run. Then again, I think comparing times without actually hitting a map trigger isn’t ideal anyway. I guess we had to compare coordinates to really be sure. With that said, I guess yours is faster nonetheless, mainly cause I messed up the end.

I’m thinking about not using the barrel at all. Grabbing it at the end is just another random factor that makes this segment so much more annoying. How about using the big crate instead? I’m aware that wall-climbing works better “more often” with the barrel if you will, but you can climb just as fast with the crate.

Also, we don’t know yet if we can actually survive the upcoming jump on the final segment that I suggested. Maybe we should try that out first. If we can’t survive it, we could think about grabbing the health vials in segment 4 as well.


I’m pretty sure with my 11 second, I was further forward than you anyway.

I agree we should do some testing, I haven’t managed the jump yet, but I haven’t put that much effort into it. I’d think we’d be able to, with hitting the roof right, but I guess we should actually manage it first. My only problem with the wallclimbing with the crate, is that we have a time at the start of the segment where the gravity gun doesn’t work. We need to make sure we don’t waste time waiting for it to work. Still, I figure that’ll be pretty easy to do.


Josh have you done much more work on this?


I haven’t really. Real life is attacking me atm, just trying to get few these few weeks. Everything should sort itself soon enough.


So… Who’s still running this?


May have just got 9.8 seconds. I shit you not.


This run is almost perfect APART from not being able to grab a barrel at the end. Uploaded for approval and/or speculation.

EDIT!: I vote to move on. As does Josh. I’m going to guess that if no one complains in the next few days that you do too since some of the runners may have ran off since we last ran this.


I have a test this week so I won’t be able to produce the route demo for the (6th?) segment till like… late Friday.


It was my friends birthday this week so we’ve all been living it large and it’s not left me much time to do any running. I promise I’ll get it done by the weekend. :slight_smile:


Yay :D. I still exist, don’t worry <3


Hey guys. I was just playing EP2 in that place where you have to Defend Vorth from Antlions, and after other Vortigaunts came and went to heal Alyx, I fell down onto elevator and started it. I had godmode so I didnt died, but when the elevator was up, vorts already had the extract, so I skipped the part where you go search the extract with that vorth. Nice huh?

But you need to manage how to trigger the elevator work without falling down (maybe freefalling? (before landing use a prop to slow down and that way dont lose health)



Watch some of the other video’s he has on his channel as well. He does some crazy stuff. Also he’s on the forum if you want to ask him anything.