Right. I’ve gotten back to running, trying to get that 3rd segment, and after rewatching it, I’m happy with my 5.6 seconds. Unless anyone objects, I say we should move onto the fourth segment.


Wow, actual progress! It’s a miracle. I’ll take a look later, doubt I’ll object though ;>


When I try and extract the rar file it gives an error, says it’s damaged? Also my segment 2 link doesn’t seem to work, can you replace it with this:



Also, how do you run it maximised instead of in windowed mode? I’v already tried editing the shortcut, taking out the -window and I’v changed it to maximised instead of normal.


d3dwindower can enlarge it anyway, but i guess quality would suffer.


Dunno man. The rar archive works fine for me (and Josh apparently). Maybe you got an outdated winrar version… or I have. I used 3.61 to compress it.

As for the fullscreen issue, removing the -window option from the shortcut and then changing to fullscreen through the video options works fine for me as well.

Edit: Watched Josh’s 5.6 segment again and I think we should move on. I don’t see anything wrong with it. You need to repost your savegame again though since the link on the first post doesn’t work anymore.


I meant Inex’s Segment 3 link had an error, but it seems to be fine now. Also I had to change it to full screen in-game as well (apparently the maximised, normal and minimised in the properties does nothing). All works fine now :slight_smile:


Aight, good to hear.


Typical and I are almost done with Phase 1 of HL:S, so we’ll both be participating with this.


Make sure to upload the p1 demos of HLS to the dropbox. I’d love to see what you guys have planned.


Yeah, I fixed the link in the first post. For any of my old links, take the uberium.co.uk/maps and make it uberium.net/misc and it’ll work, kay? :slight_smile:

I’ve added a route guide for seg4, I’m working on a route demo. I’m not sure about the later half of the segment, I’m sure it’ll be possible to get a crazy abh across straight to the roof, just not sure about health loss…

Can’t wait to see the Phase 1 of HL:S too :smiley:


Started playing around a bit with this segement. Seems to be kinda hard to make it in one run so I suggest we segment again, for instance right after the wall climb. Also, does anyone have a decent route to make it to the elevator? ABHing around the texture line seems to be pretty impossible.

Edit: Something humorous.

Edit2: I realized just now that speed-crawling doesn’t work anymore in ep2 :confused: Or am I doing this wrong? In ep1 you simply had to sprint and then start crouching.


That’s fine with me, if we want to segment there. It is quite a long segment.

Yeah, I’ve been just walking across it, but that’s not really that fast. I was hoping we could manage some strange abh that, instead of doing it aorund the texture line, could just speed us straight onto the roof?

Nope, speedcrawling doesn’t work anymore. However, you only revert down into crawling speed at the instant you are fully crouched down. However, you can fit into crawling spaces before you become fully crouched. So timing it right, we can be moving at running speed into the elevator, and hopefully out of there too. (You can also keep that speed by bunnyhopping. Here’s an example)


I already hate this map due to all the ABHing in the confined corridors. Actually making it through the map without getting stuck at some stupid corner is purely luck-based. And of course there’s always the randomness involved with wall-climbing if you actually make it this far without bumping into an edge. Is anyone else even running this segment right now?


I’m running it love, worry not <3


I would run it, but…


Can’t wait to get back in the game. :smiley:


Finally got a reasonable route demo. Would have been a submission for the actual segment if I hadn’t missed the hole after the very first abh, and also had I not grabbed a box instead of a barrel during my abh. Someone get a run with both of those, and the same as the rest as mine, and it’d be worthy for this awesome run!


Didn’t you say you can glitch through the wood blocking your way at the start? Instead of using the grav gun to punt it out of the way.


I definitely haven’t said that. If it’s possible I’d love to know, but I’ve never managed it, and I’ve crashed into it a fair few times. Sometimes, if you’re insanely lucky, you can actually slip underneath it. But there’s absolutely no point trying to do that. It’s only happened a couple of times, and each time I lost a lot of speed.