LOL! Thats even better. I know him, his videos and his channel alrdy :stuck_out_tongue:

And btw, Is there a cool AHK Script (or line) for Wallclimbing? I’ve set to jump and press the use key when I hold down E (Default Use Key Button), but then it jumps whenever I pick up an object and thats a little disturbing >.<


Just bind it to a separate key, mate. I use c for the jump and use AHK, and leave e for normal interacting.


Allright! Thanks!



That’s what we’re currently working on if you want to help out eXec. Inex wants proof that this is possible without dying. There are plenty of slidey surfaces which can stop fall damage. Over there. My current theory is landing on the part which Transgenic does in this TSA.


http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6432493/the_big_jump.dem (Pre-update version)

Managed to survive the fall if a little randomly. You can clearly see what I’m trying to do and if you do it right you won’t take any fall damage at all.

Also you won’t end up jumping away from the end of the map.

Sorry it took so long to make this. :slight_smile:


Since I’ve finished uni and technically don’t have to do anything for the next 3 weeks I’m going to start bombing through the run.

I will probably end up jacking this thread and probably the board too.


I got a job that’ll last about 5 days, so I won’t have any time for speedrunning.


It costs 400,000 segments to run this game… for 12 seconds.


Heh. To be fair this map has a lot of tricky shit in it.

The next map won’t be so near as segment intensive, the hardest trick I think will be getting through a pile of items quickly. It caused a lot of trouble when I was doing my TSA of the map.



Current TTB for seg5. I’ll work on this some more when some more people get on the runners list. I can’t approve my own shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT2: I’ll get a youtube version of the segment up soon. I have a feeling no one is saying anything because no one has the preupdate. Also Josh isn’t around. :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys are using the old version of the game, right? Can I get the files to de-update it again? That version I made was too large in file size, and I don’t want to store it anymore on my harddrive. I want to check out the demos you’ve posted. :smiley:


I should probably change that thread to make it a bit more easier to get the pre-update. Tell me if you have any problems. :slight_smile:


I saw that… but the thread was saying that it has a virus. Did anyone make one without a virus?


It doesn’t actually have a virus in it, it’s just that Foust is terrible at coding. :smiley:

Here’s a better/correct description:

It merely states that there are structures in the dll that resemble a certain trojan which shouldn't come as a shock to you really as the dll is most-likely a hack in order to bypass some sort of security check.


I’ll join you guys after we will finish the mimp run…


Just uploading segment 5 now. Found a reliable way of recording video’s at 1080p at 60fps. After that I’ll work on and off on the speedrun but stuff keeps happening. :-\

EDIT: I’ll work on this every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday since I’m usually free on those days so… yeah! Should actually get some momentum going in the run.


You don’t need to do the recordings of the segments at that quality :stuck_out_tongue:


You don't need to do the recordings of the segments at that quality Tongue

It’s just easier to make them that way. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m thinking about stopping writing the route guide’s since I’m the only one working on the run at the moment. Tell me if you have a problem with it. This would be the only change to the OP’s though. Times and other information would still be retained/updated.


I’m dead set on running ep2 as soon as we finish our mimp run. I have to admit I kinda lost interest during the hiatus with all the patching and everything, but after running mimp i have to say I’m really excited to get back to running it.

So i promise you, the second we finish mimp I’m jumping straight to ep2!


I’ve kinda lost interest after our Ep1 run went completely un-noticed. I’ll jump back in once I find the time though.