Meh. When that happens I’ll start writing the route guides again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just managed to do a segment which I’m really happy with. It’ll be on youtube by tomorrow. I am still alive guise. 8)


Hurry for our new leader :smiley: Fuck you josh <3


I am no leader. I am a god.

ALSO: Wow. After… a lot of months of being on the same map it’s finally time to move on. I’ll throw up the new thread tomorrow as I’ve honestly had enough half life for today.

I've honestly had enough half life


(Couldn’t resist mate :P)


Fuck you typical. This made me want to play ep2 even more, but now there are only indoor parts (at which I suck) for a friggin long time. T_T

Oh well, I’ll still try my best. Though I think exec will be pwning those segments if he decides to play. Just look at mimp2_2 and mimp3_3. o,o


Oh awesome, I might have a stab at some of these upcoming sections.


Ew, emotions.


you just have to let loose a little xd


Did you upload the demo of the last segment somewhere, tooley?

Insert Quote Did you upload the demo of the last segment somewhere, tooley?



Just an interesting fact: I managed to not pick up the crowbar.

It’s not very useful and very random. Doesn’t appear to lose any time.

Demo for current version is somewhere in drobbox. Could keep the no-crowbar-in-hl2-speedruns tradition intact :stuck_out_tongue: