Won’t get to look at it until this weekend.


Yeah cool. Give me a shout if you need any other files, but I don’t think any of the models/maps/textures changed so I assumed it would just be a bandwidth waste.


I would wait forever to get Ep2 working again. =’)


You’ll be happy to know that I was able to get it running with the correct HL2-EP2 build number (4260), but the problem is I don’t have the correct Source engine number (7). You’ll need to send me more GCFs to get that. I have (using scan and check methods) determined the minimum number of GCFs needed to create a playable EP2 build. The problem is, I don’t know which files you will need to give me to change the source engine build number. The obvious candidate is “source engine.gcf”, so I would say make another torrent immediately so I have time to download it and try to get it working tomorrow. If that doesn’t work, I hope we don’t need to just keep uploading things until it works, but we’ll cross that bridge if we get there.

Here is a list of all files required for EP2. EP2 has a crapload of dependencies on other GCFs. The one that alluded me the most was “episode 1 shared.gcf”.




Holy crap! This is the worst download ever. I had to keep canceling it and restarting it because it would stop downloading. Then, I said fuck it and downloaded a download accelerator. At least it’ll keep it moving…


I wouldn’t expect it to be faster than 100kb/s (It’s my home pc), but I dunno why it keeps dropping out.


Hmm, thats unexpected. It doesn’t actually seem to use ‘source engine.gcf’. I kinda noticed that my steamless version of Portal didn’t have that file, so I should have assumed that this didn’t need it either, so the version number didn’t change. I believe the actual file that we needed is ‘source 2007 binaries 2.gcf’. It also contains the HL2.exe and seemingly same directory structure as ‘source engine.gcf’. I also noticed that it is the last GCF to be extracted during the conversion to a steamless game. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to upload that now.

I just double checked all the GCFs now to make sure, and yes, that is the correct GCF. I find it strange that there was a ‘source 2007 binaries.gcf’, but at some point, they changed it to ‘2’. The version of Portal that I play is using the non-‘2’ version of the binaries. To be safe, if you have both ‘source 2007 binaries.gcf’ and ‘source 2007 binaries 2.gcf’, you should upload both of them.


rar’d this time to make it smaller, stopped anything else that may have slowed it down last time too.


So, I’m assuming there is no Binaries 2 then? Hmm, interesting.

Edit: Oh, or, both of them are in the Rar… I’ll see when I get it downloaded.


Nah, there was no 2, forgot to mention that.

I think #2 was from when they brought HL2 and EP1 to the EP2 engine (Screwing us up)


I got it working… more to come.

Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjgvAxj4kTU


Um, sorry I didn’t think of this sooner cause it now renders your work unnecessary, DemonStrate. First of all, I already had a working steamless version of the game months ago (which I also wrote about). The problem was that I was not able to host the 6,7 GB worth of files needed, everything else worked fine.

However, I thought of something else today and actually put together a fix that weighs around 100 megs when extracted and plays the old demos just fine, the crosshair ain’t an issue either. The reason why it’s so small is that it still loads all the files from the current GCF files provided by Valve. I simply exchanged the necessary library files that are loaded by the hl2.exe.

By the way, the reason your crosshair looks so weird, Demon, is because you’re missing or using a wrong version of ClientScheme.res.

Here’s the fix: preupdate. Just put it into your half-life 2 episode two\ep2 folder. Then edit the rev.ini file from the preupdate folder and change the CachePath and SteamExe variables according to your system. The same goes for the ep2 shortcut in the folder cause it currently points to the location of the hl2.exe based on my system.

I tested it all by playing back ridd3rs segment. However, I suggest that someone with enough time on his hands uses the downgraded version to beat the game the way it’s supposed to be played. That’s just to make sure we won’t run into any specific problems later on in the game, e.g. missing animations or script files that would render the game unbeatable.

Hope everything works fine for you.


What I got from that was… You can’t host the game, but with 100 megs, you can play the demos. We need to play with the old version, though, because we are unaware if they changed more than we think, but someone needs to run through an old version to make sure it works fine. Additionally, you are still unable to upload the 7 gigs of the game, which I am able to do. I can try to make a ‘slimmer’ version of the game and RAR it this weekend and upload it to a torrent. Also, the ClientScheme.res didn’t seem to make a difference… at least from my testing. Also, where did that revApps.ini come from? It is super useful.


Hmm, that’s weird. Might be some other file from your resource folder that handles the crosshair. I had the same problem as you when I didn’t copy the resource folder. After extracting it from the proper GCF, the crosshair size went back to normal.

I think we’re good if we’re able to play the demos. You can record a demo, then change a single line of code that doesn’t affect the game content at all, and you won’t be able to play that demo in your new build. The source code now is essentially the same as before the update. I’m using the old hl2.exe plus the old client.dll and server.dll. And that’s where the problems started with. The fact that we couldn’t get through the floor anymore was something that had to be dealt with in code. I for one have never been able to do it anyway. So if anyone here could confirm that we can get through the tracks again in order to get into the tunnel, I think we’re on the safe side.

The revApps.ini is from the steam-rev-emu_9.79 release. Still had it on my HD from earlier use.

Another note: Steam can’t be running in the background if you start the preupdate version. I’m positive there’s a way to avoid this restriction, but I personally don’t care about it, hence I won’t look into it.

Finally, there’s one thing I noticed. The grenade and crowbar models (player view) seem to be messed up. They appear silver in game. That’s something we might need to fix. But apart from that, the game runs fine so far.


Hmm. What do you guys reckon we do? Use fousts pre-update or Demon’s version.

Don’t really feel like downloading 11g if I don’t have to.


I don’t see why we wouldn’t want to use the slimmer version, considering distributing to others (not to forget possible verifiers of the run) would be a lot easier.

I’ve played through a couple of chapters in the game and fixed missing animations, sequence scripts, textures and models. Doesn’t mean that everything is fixed now, so someone should still play through the entire game just to be sure. At least the most obvious things are taken care of now (the silver models for instance). I updated the archive I uploaded in my dropbox folder.


The slimmer version works if you have the game already. You’d need the full version if you do not have the game, but need the older version. When I submit Portal Done Pro, if they need validation on the version, I have to give them the full game because I don’t know how to make a ‘slimmer’ version. They didn’t ask for the demos before, but I’m thinking with the extensive use of glitches, they will.


Heh. I like the sound of Fousts version a bit more just because it’s smaller and apparently has less weird things like cross-hair problems in it. However I’m willing to be overruled.


So… whats the problem with combining the 2? Just put his fixes in my version. Done and done.