I torrented an older, non-steam version. Works great, everything’s fine. Only problem is that the old demos don’t work on it, it must have been before another update. So as I see it we can either try and find someone who can use the old gcf files and make a non-steam version. Or we can use this version and rerun the first two segments :(.


My desktop isn’t updated, I’ll give it the ol’ gcf prep and send you what I got.


If someone has the files before the recent update, I can make a Steam-less version of that version of the game, so that you can play the demos and continue like we were. Everyone would have to download that version, and it is not illegal to do so if you own the game already. On whoever’s computer has the old files, whatever you do, DO NOT LAUNCH STEAM! Just copy the files for all of Steam (excluding the specific files from other games), and I can make a Steam-less version from that.


I think I have enough hard drive space left on my home server, let me check and ill copy the files across.

What more do you need?

EDIT: Also, go kind on it. I only have 100kb/s upload.


I made a steamless version yesterday which came out at approximately 6 GB after extracting all the files. I got weird errors in the console after launching it (like cl_forwardspeed not defined). I had similar outputs on blamod when I changed something in the code that made the mod unplayable. However, for some reason EP2 runs fine with the weird messages.

Long story short, I can’t host 6 GB or 4 for that matter since I packed it with an installer. Sorry.

On another note. I was kinda excited when I read there was a graphics update for HL2 and EP1, but apparently that was the same story as with Half-Life: Source back then since the only thing they added seems to be HDR. Thus the graphics update was pretty pointless if you ask me. Valve should focus on something everybody wants, like, I don’t know, EP3 maybe, instead of fixing bugs that simply don’t need fixing since they don’t affect those who play the games the way they’re supposed to be played.

Speaking of blamod, I’ve worked a lot more on it recently but at the current state it crashes quite a bit and I still have yet to figure out why. That’s why I haven’t posted a new version yet. I need to debug the code some time but right now I simply lack the time. However, I’m gonna test-build it tonight to see if the update affected it in any way.


SVN the blamod code :3


Hehe, I uploaded it quite a while ago, but didn’t post the link yet, for said reasons. I’ll see if I can get it running later.


They added motion blur too if that makes you feel any better Nick. :stuck_out_tongue:


SOOO… How is this speedrun going?


As soon as we can get the previous version available for running we’ll be back on track I guess. :-\


Give me a few days. I’ll make a steamless copy and ummmm tawrent it


I was doing some work last night, no luck, my friend Josh Martin (shoutout guy :P) has a steamless copy that works, I believe it’s protocol 14.


Update, I got the steamless version working, but it still can’t run it with steam running in the background…I can’t upload it right now seeing as how I have an 8 hour drive today, but I’ll see about getting it in soon.


Well, we are officially fucked. Someone find a torrent.


Give me the damn files for protocol 14 and Ill get it working. The reason it has taken me so long to get anywhere with making Portal Done Pro’s final video was because when I migrated the game to a new system, it didnt fucking work. Took me about 3-4 days to figure out how to fix it. Anyway, if someone has the files, I can most likely get it to work.



Min. footprint and the main content GCF.

Give me the damn files for protocol 14 and Ill get it working.

Any luck? :smiley:


Nope, I’ve uploaded 0mb worth or content.


Ill download it tonight.

Edit: It’s downloading. I won’t get to look at it for another 2 days, though.


It was uploading at 2kb/s…

I fixed my port forwarding - should be a bit (lot) faster now :slight_smile: