That one required walking up onto the tracks, setting the suitcase up and jumping through it. Definitely slower than this method.


0:05.6. I think it can be done in under 5 seconds. It’s going to be a bitch, but I’ll keep trying.


I’ll try too.

I love you Josh.


I too will try.

I’m gay for you Josh.


I’m not really into luck based segments.

I don’t love you anymore Josh.


Altered the route demo. I’m off for the weekend.


Fuck you.


I don’t know who put my name on the runners list but I’m not up for running this segment. :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah…


Just so you guys know, I AM still running this segment whenever I get chance. I’m pretty busy, but I’ll get it eventually.


The more you know.


I’ll be working on it too.


How much work have you done on this segment then Jared?


Since the update, I’ve been totally unable to get through the floor. Not once have I managed it. Was there an engine update included with the update itself? :confused:

I think we might need to go back to the previous version guys and run it on there. I’m close to getting mine to work, but I don’t have a working GameMenu.res from the source engine.gcf file. If anyone has an old verison of the gcf’s, could you upload the GameMenu.res for me? I tried using the current one, but that won’t work.


I don’t think I’ve updated yet but I’m not at my desktop so I can’t do anything like that at the moment.


How about this http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/GameMenu?


I have all of the old GCFs from about 3 months ago.


CooL sent me his version, I’ve tried every one I can. It no longer crashes when I load it, but I just have a black screen that appears instead of a menu :frowning:


Valve fixed going through the back of cliffs. Are we going to keep running on the old version because I kinda need it then. :-\


Yeah, we need to run the old version. I’m trying to get it to work :frowning:


All I can offer is encouragement and throw the idea of a torrent out there. :’(