17.8. Could have abhed up the slope quicker and didn’t get abh after step oob. Maybe 1.5s improvement or so to be made. To be honest this uber boost just doesn’t seem possible, I have never managed it and retained the suitcase, you always lose it when you get that much momentum. I just want to get a really clean run which should be a low 16;xx.



15.1! 1049 frames.

Pretty much rapes what I thought the fastest time could be. No mistakes I can see.



Seems pretty perfect to me. Sorry I didn’t get chance to sort out the first post, I’ve been busy, and still am really. Why you guys forced me to start this just before exams I don’t know ¬_¬


I think it had something to do with this.

TYPICAL: so ep2. we're starting next week right? =D Josh: If you like

You can thank me later. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t download from this for some reason. You hit download, and the page just does nothing.


Same, rehost?


Maybe the site admin could add upload ability for demos and saves directly to sourceruns.org, as it was at good old hl2dq.net?


I’ll reupload tonight.


Weird, I just downloaded it from my link :S

Are you sure you put it in right?


Click Download, and it doesn’t automatically download for me anymore, Filefront used to. Just click “click here” and it should download for you. Works fine for me.


Excuse my lazyness for not checking but does filefront still automatically delete files which don’t get enough downloads over a period of time? Bear in mind I didn’t log in to upload either. I’m just wondering if I need to use another upload site for when these files need to be used to encode the final video, so if anyone could recommend a suitable site as well that would be good.



I’m guessing that since nothing has happened on here recently Josh hasn’t been on as much and therefore nothing has happened.

Anyway. At a vague attempt of trying to continue has everyone said that they’re willing to move on with ridd3rs segment?


Give it time, this is a busy part of the year, and Josh said he’s very busy. I too am extremely busy, but once June comes around the corner, the speedrun will pick up again.


Everyone on the runners list has agreed to move on to segment 3. This run will be fairly long so hopefully we can keep the activity up at least a little when some people are busy, I’ll try and do some attempts at segment 3.


Alright, I’ll change the first post. Again guys, sorry I’m so busy.


Most of us are very busy this month ;(

For me, I won’t be running anything until June, probably.


I think it might be best if we wait till June to get back to this. Otherwise we’d all lose interest and this would end up like the old hl:s speedrun.


Nah, I think we should keep it going, just… don’t expect the project to move quickly


Trust the runners to get busy on a luck based segment ey? By the way what happened to that other strat for segment 3 where you just jump on the suitcase and make a save. Did you decide to scrap it?