There aren’t any weird character. ???

There’s just a lot of weird characters in the folder name that the demo came out of. STOP READING THAT. IT’S PRIVATE.


So, we’ve had a talk and decided to split the first segment. It now goes from the beginning, up until you blast open the container doors. As soon as you do this, save, and try to be as far back as you can at this point, we need some space while loading. I’ll edit the first post with all this.


Nice. That segment really felt too long.


Here’s kind of a rough route of the first segment, my current time is 77.3, anyone care to beat me?


As much as I love you, I still think I wouldn’t like to be you.

One thing I thought of, that might be extremely fucking hard, would be to start ABHing past Alyx, then pass her the moment she hands you the gravity gun. If you manage you’d have so much speed you’re basically in the dumpster in a second.

Anyway, I can do it in 75 easily, but I’m having trouble saving as early as possible. I always end up in the far-side of the container pretty much.

Edit: 72.1. Hopefully the save works, but I know it’s not optimal.

Edit2: I don’t think that save would work, but still, I don’t think we should be happy till we get at least 69.


I’ve got 71.x a handful of times. Didn’t Josh say yesterday that he got 70.0 on a TSA? ???

Either way I reckon we should aim for sub 71.0. :-\


I’ve managed to get 71.0, but the file was overwritten, so I’ll be doing this again today in class until I get 70.x




This is one method for doing segment 2, it’s a fairly fast 18.7 but I think 16;xx is possible if you get one mega boost (yet to happen while retaining the suitcase but I’v got very close).



70.4. I’m pretty happy with this one. I propose we move on. Thoughts? <3


Ima have a watch.

EDIT: Going to try and beat it… later tonight.


Move on.


Well, I did 69.2 but I overwrote it.

So yeah, move on.


I did a 59.1 but it was too awesome to play back. Then I overwrote it.


I’ll do some running tonight.



I missed the door at the end but it’s right in front of you when you load the save… I think it should be alright but I’ll see what you guys say. I’ve been getting 70.x quite frequently now so it’s not too much of a problem to re-do… It might be an even better save than Josh’s as you’re closer to the door when you load.

EDIT: I’ve managed to get 69.2 but I recorded a litttle late. I’m going to keep trying tomorrow and see if I can sub.

EDIT2: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6432493/Ep2%20Demo's/ep2_outland_01_seg1_TYPICAL_69_4.zip

69.4 I’m happy to move on with this. :slight_smile:


Move on with.


I’ve got a 68.7 but I accidentaly deleted it.

Great segment, TYPICAL. I move on :slight_smile:


18.8 for segment 2. It’s a start anyway. I still think 16;xx or so can be done. Even with this method 17;xx is possible. I finish in a good place too so it’s better than the 18.7 I got with Inex’s old save.



Not sure whether I will be attempting this. :-\