Desktop screenshots


Sounds appropriate.


That album is really good. I just downloaded it. It looks really nice:


You should really clean up that mess, here’s mine. You should do the same.


The problem is that I use most of them. I just disable icons when I don’t use them.


That’s most likely a false impression. What was the last time you used app3win.BAK?


Yesterday :slight_smile: but I know I should clean it up.


I tend to just leave everything in downloads and access it from there. Only thing I really have on my desktop is steam. And the programs I use really often are on my task bar


Taskbar for most used + Launchy have had me going with an empty desktop for years already.


I cleaned up just for this thread :> This is my laptop setup in school, at home i have a 21,5" screen, hoping to get a second screen though.


New OC Desktop background, glad to say I only use Windows for games now.


reminds me of this guy


Awesome document, already saw it as i’m interested in urban exploration.

This was shot by a guy i know from Flickr, he has amazing photos.


I really wanted to check out that 18th street station on Lexington last time I was in NY on my own time, but, you know, then I’d get arrested. All the stuff to explore in Atlanta kinda sucks; it’s just the same thing every time.


Yeah trespassing in the US is a big deal, in Europe the owner can either tell you to leave and if you resist and stay you can call the police… but you won’t get any big trouble or pay the fines as you would in murica.


Yeah that’s the case in Hungary but we don’t really have any big skyscrapers sadly :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright finnaly managed to clean my desktop up. After thinking through what I actually use and organizing stuff it turned up to be really nice.


Well, that’s heaps better. I’m sure you’re clicking on that pic.jpg a couple of times a day.


Its already in my photoshop folder I was just using it for something. :wink:


Let’s revive this thread.


much excitement :fire: :100: :fire: :ok: