Desktop screenshots


I am always curious how people’s desktop looks like.
Let me start it:


The only reason I keep hl2 on my desktop is because I hate navigating into it via other folders, why not just have easy access? I used to do this with %appdata% too.

Also my craptop, linux because win10 is slow as shit on it.


Just a note, I have like 50 wallpapers my desktop cycles through. its not always this.

Without Icons

With Icons


So on one screen you’ve got the normal Windows interface and a bunch of rainmeter stuff on the other, interesting idea, is the purpose of that screen just to show stats or is it like any other second monitor, just for extra real estate?


It’s for both. When I’m streaming I use it for my chat and obs. When I’m playing offline I use it to see how my pc is handling things.

And when I’m coding god knows what’s going on lol


My OS has a ton of cool features. Calculator, Notepad… Well that’s about it.


Here’s my laptop screen, I’ll add the desktop one when I’m back home.
On the top right of the screen, left to right: CPU usage graph, Wi-Fi SSID, space left on the partition, RAM usage, battery, current keyboard layout and date / time.

EDIT: Here’s my desktop screen, as promised.

I prefer to keep my desktop completely clean. For launching stuff I use the taskbar as well as Launchy, which is a really cool little program which can also be used as a simple calculator and a temporary text buffer.

I use the right screen primarily for all the chats, IM, etc. When I’m streaming I place the stream-related windows there usually.


Which linux is that?


Arch, with Awesome WM.


Didn’t think people still used ICQ, wow.


I forgot to uninstall it. I use Pidgin with OTR.


A: I doubt that’s really your o.s.
B: what os was that? Like? I’ve honestly never seen that before. Is it even real? slowly fades out of existence


Looks like a really old Mac OS, quite real.


I’ve never liked apple as a company. This explains why I know not of that o.s.

Edit: it even has the Apple logo.
I give up I’m going back to bed.


Apple II. It’s the second edition of the Apple, (which only sold 50 units)


Well then.


This is my desktop. It’s at a 1280x1024 res (Really shitty to me tbh, but I upscaled it a little to make everything more visible, i think)


i come to teh forums for the [spoiler]meme [/spoiler] threads like this one


Is your rightmost screen using rainmeter? If so what plugin is that? I need it




I’m getting this