Desktop screenshots


What the fuck



Ye, but that scaling.




I’m not going to judge. You do you.


what do you mean, he has yet to ponify his hl2 game icons :^)

Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?


Wait a fucking minute.

Microsoft edge on windows 7?

You know, I won’t judge for your taste in desktops. But come on. That’s like internet explorers awkward love child with Firefox.


he changed the windows 10 icon to the windows 7 one hahahaha why


Now that I look again that seems really obvious ._.


What are you doing in the trash yalter


Give that man a trophy.




The latest BXT update includes lots of development and debugging done while staring at this desktop!

The full game TAS will also certainly be done here.


Is that your primary OS? It looks like its set up only to compile bxt.
Is the full game TAS confirmed?
Can we post phone home screens as well?


That’s not my primary OS, but it’s the primary TASing OS. Full game TAS is certainly more confirmed than HL3, but still less confirmed than the illuminati.


Why the f not


Accidently clicked “Set as desktop background” on some of HLAE screenshots while editing and it turned out to be surprisingly appealing. Decided to keep it.

Other than that - just a normal desktop, nothing to see.


Nice folder you got there.


[s]I imagine that folder contains a video of Kleiner fucking Eli while Gordon puts a book on top of their heads so he can have a turn.

[/s]Okay that was a little fucked up.


I actually did not notice that. Good job Rama, you actually made me laugh really hard. *No joke. *XD