Desktop screenshots


My wallpaper changes every hour, so this view is different every time.

I’ve made an album on imgur with all the wallpapers I currently have:

Most of these are taken from

The rest of the desktop is empty (totally nothing hidden behind foobar2000 window ;))
Foobar2000 is a customized CaTRoX theme (CUI) with a Channel Spectrum panel and I usually have it fullscreen.


I can actually explain why the start menu icon was changed. I actually used to own Win7 a good time ago (Then I upgraded to Win8.1 then to 10 recently).

I just like its icon. It fits for some reason. The Desktop itself however, that’s mostly obvious. (I just like MLP. Nothing much really.)


nice font rendering bro 8)


You sure?


I’m sure Mike. Imo, the show is cool. But people have different opinions. I’m chill with that, though. 8)

It took me almost a month to create that desktop. Also when I replied to INFERNOUX about the Start button thing, I didn’t have my glasses on (I’m very near-sighted. I can only see things that are around 2 centimeters from my face.) I’m suprised I actually typed without misspelling anything on my first try. Lucky me.


Super exciting desktop incoming




what the fuck


This is art, when you hear a buzzer, look at the art :smiley: BZIIIMMMMMMMM


this is art: performance art. more specifically its cringe humour performance art.




This looks like a vector, and if this is really the case why didn’t you get a larger size one to fit your screen reso without upscaling?




Lesbian horses, obviously


Lmao what is that




why does everyone like the ponies so much fill me in


I have no clue.


closet bestiality fanatics i think


Pretty much

Anyway, my thing.

Was hoping to get the image on the right screen to be able to span both screens but even saving the frames from the 4k res video wasn’t good enough, so random colours on my second screen it is.