Desktop screenshots


Nothing much changed other than the theme and the icons, also I’ve discovered KDE Connect which is like a more native version of Pushbullet, all notifications pushed to the native notification system on whatever distro you’re using, shared clipboard, mounts the phone as a drive to access it wirelessly, it’s great.


Mfw not centered vertically:


Logo itself is actually in the middle, it looks off because it’s not perfectly square.



fucking lol




11/10 ign


Ayyy, whats up? :100: :fire: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok:



Is this from star trek? Where they destroy vulcan.


It was SpaceX’s recent launch/landing of Falcon 9, long exposure.


It looks epic :o


Almost forgot to post my laptop which I bought for uni:


You have quite a weird date format.


Why? It’s hh:mm year-month-day.


No, the way it’s written with dots and spaces.


I think any computer I ever used had that.


Mint 18 Cinnamon with the Pulp/paper theme

and an OC background of a red palm fruiting in my front yard after some rain (happens every month).

All 3 monitors, it looks bad when scaled across monitors so I just tiled it.


wow, can you post a picture about the full tree? That looks amazing.


It’s not that amazing lol