Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes


I have a gift of it I’ll never use. You want it? Also, I missed it because I didn’t think to check our own forums for GoldSrc related information. I’ve been searching for CZ DS info specifically.
Additionally, the link in that topic that says “config, scripts and alias basics” doesn’t work anymore. That website doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

Edit: Just found an awesome improvement for Recoil. Apparently, if you use the pistol, Delta Sniper doesn’t stop moving. It is insane how fast he goes now!!


there you go demonstrate


It’s a myth that the knife lets you run faster. It’s actually the same speed as the pistols in 1.6, CZ and Source. I think it is faster in CS:GO though. The Scout is actually the fastest weapon in all games but GO. I wonder if that is the case in CZ:DS.


Sure, I’ll take it. Its a free game, why would I reject a free game. Good game to reject if given out free -

Here I am on steam -

And yes, knife on CSGO is faster than any other weapon.


Well, figured out another glitch. If you smash your face into a ceiling and throw a grenade, the grenade gets stuck in the ceiling. For example, I can throw a grenade into the ceiling at the start of Lost Cause, and kill the hostages. Lol. It might be useful for the part in Lost Cause where you need to blow up the ceiling above you, but it seems fairly random if it’ll trigger that even or not.


Just got done completing the game.

Is the speed/acceleration of any form of movement on this game dependent on FPS? If not, I can help out with some segments as I won’t be at a disadvantage.


100% being 225ups (250 in 1.6).

I’ll capture some old trick demos later. Until then here’s a video from the same era if you haven’t seen it:


So far, the fastest movement I’ve seen (other than grenade/explosion boosting) is by wallstrafing. I can get close to 350 ups with it depending on the angle. So, attempting to use as many walls as possible for movement will be a big deal for this run.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to go faster while crouched (like at the start of Lost Cause). Finding a solution to that would really speed up the run as you go through many vents in this game.

Oh! And, double ducking is ridiculously useful. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to get under or over something short quickly, it almost always works to double duck. It saves a lot of time.


Speeds are calculated off of a max speed of 225 ups, with numbers instead of percentages.

Common Name - name for quick-switching - speed when holding the weapon

Scout - weapon_scout - 234 ups
Knife - weapon_knife - 225 ups
Pistols - see the next section - 225 ups
Steyr TMP - weapon_tmp - 225 ups
Mac-10 - weapon_mac10 - 225 ups
MP5 - weapon_mp5navy - 225 ups
UMP45 - weapon_ump45 - 225 ups
P90 - weapon_p90 - 220.5
XM1014 - weapon_xm1014 - 216 ups
Famas - weapon_famas - 216 ups
Galil - weapon_galil - 216 ups
Bullpup - [???] - 216 ups
SG552 - weapon_sg552 - 211.5 ups
M3 Shotgun - weapon_m3 - 207 ups
M4A1 - weapon_m4a1 - 207 ups
AK47 - weapon_ak47 - 198 ups
M249 - weapon_m249 - 198 ups
SG550 - weapon_sg550 - 189 ups
G3SG1 - weapon_g3sg1 - 189 ups
AWP - weapon_awp - 189 ups

Pistol names

Desert Eagle - weapon_deagle
P228 - weapon_p228
Dual Elites - weapon_elite
Five-Seven - weapon_fiveseven
Glock-18 - weapon_glock18
USP - weapon_usp

Their may be errors but this is the main idea. Names are included for quick switching binds, not sure if that works in CZ-DS but its there.


This should be useful to you:

"0" : "No Weapon"
"weapon_aug" : "Steyr Aug"
"weapon_blowtorch" : "BlowTorch"
"weapon_briefcase" : "Briefcase"
"weapon_camera" : "Camera"
"weapon_deagle" : "Desert Eagle"
"weapon_elite" : "Elite"
"weapon_fiberobticcamera" : "Fiber Optic Camera"
"weapon_flashbang" : "FlashBang"
"weapon_g3sg1" : "G3SG1"
"weapon_hegrenade" : "HE Grenade"
"weapon_knife" : "Knife"
"weapon_mp5navy" : "Mp5 Navy"
"weapon_m60" : "M60"
"weapon_m4a1" : "Colt Carbine M4A1"
"weapon_radio" : "Radio"
"weapon_radiocontrolledbomb" : "Radio Controlled Bomb"
"weapon_scout" : "Steyr Scout"
"weapon_sg552" : "SIG552"
"weapon_smokegrenade" : "Smoke Grenade"
"weapon_ump45" : "H&K Ump45"
"weapon_xm1014" : "Xm1014"
"weapon_awp" : "Artic Warfare Magnum"
"weapon_c4" : "C4"
"weapon_usp" : "Usp"
"weapon_ak47" : "Ak47"
"weapon_laws" : "M72 LAW"
"ammo_338magnum" : "ammo_338magnum"
"ammo_357sig" : "ammo_357sig"
"ammo_45acp" : "ammo_45acp"
"ammo_45cp" : "ammo_45cp"
"ammo_50ae" : "ammo_50ae"
"ammo_556nato" : "ammo_556nato"
"ammo_556natobox" : "ammo_556natobox"
"ammo_57mm" : "ammo_57mm"
"ammo_762nato" : "ammo_762nato"
"ammo_762natobox" : "ammo_762natobox"
"ammo_9mm" : "ammo_9mm"
"ammo_buckshot" : "ammo_buckshot"
"ammo_generic" : "ammo_generic"


I was able to modify my spawn position slightly between missions. At the end of Lost Cause, jump and crouch and continue to keep ‘radioing’. Basically, just keep mashing left click. Then, in the opening of Secret War, you are to the right and against the ceiling of the APC. It isn’t much, but it has been the first thing I’ve been able to change between missions.


One quick Q: Do you think there is a way to change the position of the “Game Saved” dialog? It is really difficult to ignore when it is in the very center of the screen. I can’t even see what I’m doing with it there.

Also, here is my latest attempt at an RTA speedrun of this game:


  • Found a grenade boost that skips a majority of cz_brecon04.
  • Found a quick CLD (changelevel delay) that saves time between cz_brecon04 and cz_brecon05.
  • One thing that is super annoying is the “Game Saved” being in the center of the screen. With help from Yalter, I found that the string is located in valve_english.txt in “valve/resource”. I’m basically going to add spaces new line characters to it to move it over down so it is less annoying for an RTA run.
    – I changed mine to "Valve_Game_Saved" "\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nGame Saved" and it looks great.

Can someone look for CLD’s for the elevators in Rise Hard?

Edit 2:

  • Figured out some faster movement strats in general on Building Recon.
  • If you shoot at the center of the large doors on cz_brecon05 (where a bunch of enemies come out of), it will cause the doors to open right away.
    – I had this occur on multiple attempts, but I never knew the cause. Now, I’ve confirmed that hitting the seam between the doors causes them to open for some reason. Otherwise, you have to walk towards them for them to open.


Nice work.

I’ve become inundated with a large degree of work, so my participation will be fairly lax until I manage to get everything under control. Hopefully there will be some levels left to be sorted through by that time!

  • Figured out the second plant/branch on the cz_downed2 can be triggered (destroyed) by a grenade if it explodes on your side (the players side) of the map.
    – Meaning, if it goes past the branch and explodes, it won’t break it. Though, it might trigger the animation for it breaking, but it will still block the player’s path.
  • Made a sequence breaking grenade jump on cz_downed3.
    – It is difficult, but possible, to do in an RTA run. It simply requires you to conserve as much armor as possible between cz_downed2 and the first half of cz_downed3.
  • In cz_downed3, it is possible to use an enemy to block the door from closing in the room where you get gassed. Because of that, it is possible to attempt a CLD. Unfortunately, I didn’t not find any spot that would spawn you in-bounds.
  • I checked all the changelevel triggers in Rise Hard. As far as I can tell, I do not see any possible way to do CLDs for any of the maps.
  • On cz_hr02, it is possible to do an effective grenade boost. It would only be used for segmented. It can be ended by landing on a ladder (or jumpbug, but I haven’t attempted to yet).
  • On cz_hr02b, I routed it more effectively. I also pick up a smoke grenade that it used for breaking the gun turrets on cz_hr03.
  • I am still playing with the best use of nade boosts in cz_hr04. The entire map is vertical and could be skipped if some kind of super nade boost was possible (or some other way of gaining a huge amount of height).
  • On cz_hr06, found a much better nade placement for the nade boost. It can be used for segmented or RTA.

I’m sure there will be. All the things I’ve been doing are preliminary routing. There are going to be many improvements in terms of movement on these routes that will need to be figured out. An example is navigating all the cubicles in Rise Hard. They have different configurations and I haven’t found the best way to get over/around them. Sometimes, I can doubleduck. Other times, there are objects and things that block you. Yeah. :-/ Plus optimizing movement to use wallstrafing. I expect that to take time too.

Has anyone made an alias that would press the use key and shoot, and when you release the button, it also releases firing and the use key?

alias +useattack “+use; wait; +attack”
alias -useattack “-attack; wait; -use”

I want to test to see if this is an effective way to get perfect aim. I don’t know how useful it will be on a segmented run (because, in most cases, I’m assuming we are not shooting enemies. Only when we have to, I guess).


Building Recon, brecon, route and trick ideas:

Two trigger changelevel delays in there that might be hard to notice if you don’t know the maps. Think it might be worth picking up the AK47 in the hallway after the big fight.
Quite some areas left that I didn’t check or didn’t find anything.
  • If you shoot at the center of the large doors on cz_brecon05 (where a bunch of enemies come out of), it will cause the doors to open right away.
    – I had this occur on multiple attempts, but I never knew the cause. Now, I’ve confirmed that hitting the seam between the doors causes them to open for some reason. Otherwise, you have to walk towards them for them to open.

Aim for the lock texture. I also found that it will open if you throw a grenade at it. But I don’t think there will be any left over for that.
For your RTA at the tank fight, you can go up the fallen pole and jump on top of the wall over to the LAW. Good backup at least.


I skip that entire area using the nade boost I found. I go directly from the area where the guy is at the top of the church with the turret to the area right before the changelevel trigger where you need to jump on the boxes and jump over the closed door.

Edit: Finally watched the video. That was awesome. It is interesting how different we think for some of the route ideas. I’ll comment more in a bit. I need to get to voice lessons.


  • I never thought of getting that ‘hidden’ LAW. That proves to be quite useful. I probably won’t in my RTA, but that is definitely a good idea for the segmented.
  • Those guards are crazy. I like how to manipulate them. Definitely a segmented strat. :slight_smile:
  • Can you think of a place that tool buffering (what you did with the blowtorch) is useful? The only thing I can think of is an alternate to doing jumpbug (which I haven’t attempt yet). And, is it preserved between map changes?
  • Unfortunately, I don’t use that first CLD you show because I need the armor, health, and especially the M4 at the start of the next level.


  • Added the MapInfo tab to the spreadsheet. This (so far) contains: which maps contain (you can pick up) and which maps you spawn with, armor and HE grenades. Let me know if you want anything else added. I found the information useful when trying to route the maps.


Managed to find some time to mess around on building recon because it seems topical. I find grenades to be a bit more useful than the LAW in the boss area, and I think could result in a faster time. Especially if you throw them while running, rather than pause like I do.

The smoke and flash make killing the boss terrorist unnecessary so should save a few seconds. You can defuse the nuke pretty easily without dying, but I think making it close is more entertaining. Dying and still completing each mission is fun.


My latest RTA attempt. I think I’m starting to beat the actual IL table now. And, I realized the times on the spreadsheet are wrong because they are SDA time, and not ‘entire time of the mission’. So, I need to go and re-time those myself tomorrow.

That was fantastic! I love those boss strats. I also agree that, in almost every mission, we should make an effort to kill ourselves while the mission is “successful”. :slight_smile: It will make for a fantastic speedrun. I actually did that in the last mission in my current run up there.


  • I updated the times for the IL table on to spreadsheet to be real-time instead of SDA time. The total time is 1:04:00. The last RTA run I did was 1:06:34. I’m really close to beating the IL table’s total time. :stuck_out_tongue:


  • I’m making a group on Skype for discussing/working on this run in a more ‘live’ fashion. It works much better for bouncing around ideas. If you want to be added to the group, send me your Skype name or add me, transgenic86.


  • In Turn of the Crank, I use 2 CLDs. One to skip the briefcase sequence. The other to simply ignore some triggers and enemies.
  • In cz_turncrank3, I use the exploding enemy to boost me over the wall into the area with the M60.
  • In cz_turncrank3, it is possible to satisfy the win condition for the map right away. The guy you need to kill is spawned, and you are able to hit him through the wall. However, damage and accuracy is vastly reduced when doing so. In my RTA, I will be killing him from the first point I’ve found easiest to shoot him.
  • In Alamo, you can do a CLD into cz_alamo2 to skip some enemy spawn triggers and the exploding barrels. A jump is required at the end of the CLD because the floor becomes taller on map change.
  • In cz_alamo2, enemies that are in the area right before the final area are able to shoot and distract the helicopter. Specifically, the enemies that spawn in the windows. I will now make sure to kill them in my RTA runs.
  • In cz_alamo2, it is possible to jump up to the edges of the map and on pretty much any wall you see. I haven’t found a use for it yet. I was attempting to use it for a better position to shoot the enemies in the end sequence, but it didn’t prove to be advantageous.


My RTA run finally beats the IL table total time. Yay!

CZ: Deleted Scenes - Speedrun any% WR - 1:03:02:


Wow, nice job!!