The question I want answered is that are we just going to make the game more speedrunnable or are we going to add tricks to make it harder to complete. Foust said something about this and I can’t remember what he said.


I have already began editing the Ep2 map files so the triggers that cause you to start over cuz of the bitch are removed.


I’ll mass decompile all the maps for the entire game :>

Also, you kinda do need sequences:


Games* There’s more than one HL2. :-\


I meant entire game as in the episodes too :slight_smile:


Just checking. :slight_smile:




First step, deleting Alyx.


Also, when it comes around to compiling, I have 2 quad cores (one however is running Linux, but I should be able to sort out something) making it a nice speedy process :slight_smile:


Awesome, my single core 2 gig computer won’t be able to handle this :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw foust, have you found a way to re-implement Pistol charging and to re-clip some of the models that don’t collide with the player, cuz those are 2 big things for me. Cameron, Inex, you 2 are the biggest Source mappers here, you guys have any idea as to re-clipping those models?


There isn’t much point in implementing it in the same way it was done in HL2. Just having it so that you can charge the pistol at all makes the gun a bit more cooler. I think it should be done just because the pistol has absolutely no use currently. Giving it a bit of power would definitely get a bit of use from it. Especially since running around with the shotgun gunning down everything in your way could now slow you down seeing as it will now boost you.


Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly was pistol charging again? Since I don’t know what it is, no, I don’t have an idea how to re-enable it either :>

I’ve taken a look at fixing player collisions with gibs a while back, but had no luck so far. I’m fairly sure it’s done in code though and not by changing models. I might be wrong though. Oh yeah, I’ve tried copying the scenes folder from the HL2 and EP2 content gcf’s and that seemed to fix MOST scripting sequences at least in HL2. Trainstation still looks broken; EP2 I haven’t tested. It’s a start I guess, but as I said before, my original plan was to have no characters on the maps except for the player anyway.

Also, I’ve decided to stick to the name blamod. Everything else sounds forced to me now. Anyway, I need an icon for the mod and thought of the awesome source runs logo. Since the mod is basically for you/us/sourceruns, do you mind if we use it, and if no, can someone hook me up with a vector graphics of it or make a quick logo for me? To have the icon as clean as possible, I think we should stick to the graphical part and leave out any text. Watcha think?


Pistol charging is when you hold down your right and left mouse button, then releasing right, and you can fire multiple bullets depending on how long you hold it down.

It’s not in the coding nor the models itself, for CoD it was how the models were compiled, with clipping from the editor, but idk for Source, ID Tech 3 and Source are 2 very different engines.

Why would we object to that, and you ARE apart of the team, you don’t need our permission to use stuff.


A friend of mine made it so I insist that you use it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I was thinking that we could have some other combat npc’s on the map. We don’t exactly want an exact version of (Warsow?) we want something which will seperate this mod from any other speedrunning mod so a little bit of speey combat isn’t such a bad idea. Unless ofcourse everyone starts yelling at me that it is.

Name, name, name… We could call it SRDQ just because DQ sounds so fucking kewl. I’m pretty sure there is a bunch of SourceRuns logo stuff link in that thread that Josh made… have a peek in there cause if there’s not then he probably has the original files and I can go prod him for vectors.


I say we make Pripyat.


Hmm, the new post icon is kinda what I’m looking for. Still, a vector graphic of it would be ideal so I don’t have to resize the existing images.


He’s still in college at the moment. When he gets back I’ll ask him. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’m doing a skillout video for Blamod and I was wondering what kind of tricks I could put into it other than nade jumps and finicky bunnyhopping. I’ve got one physics glitch in there at the moment but I wondered whether anyone had any ideas for kinds of tricks I could put in. Any hard spots for flying would also be appreciated. :slight_smile:

EDIT2: Nick have you got Serif?


Oh, foust, is there anyway you can implement this:

In vHL2, once your velocity hit about 1,000, you stopped gaining speed, anyway you can change that cap :stuck_out_tongue:


I got my velocity to ~3,150 (terminal velocity is 3200) before I hit the end of the map (and this map was as big as the engine supports)


Still need some kind of vector graphic of this =/ Logos are looking good though. How’s the tricks video progressing by the way?