Yeah once MenteR has more time i’ll see if he’s interested.


This mod is awesome!


foust. I fucking love you!


Even though it’s my doing. <_<







Hey, hey, shut up, if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t even HAVE this mod :smiley:


I didn’t believe it myself, but I’ve re-implemented the flying glitch. There are still little issues that need to be taken care of. It seems that in EP2 the grabbing frequency of the object you’re carrying is a lot higher compared to HL2. That means if you keep pressing your AHK jump key, look down and push forward you’ll gain a very high amount of speed and eventually will be faster than the object you’re using to fly, thus dropping it cause you’re trying to grab the object that’s actually behind you. That’s my current thesis at least.Also, as of yet it’s not possible to use little pieces from broken crates to fly. The big wooden pallets (I had a discussion with tooley about what they’re really called; lemme know if you know), and shovels (!!) work great. Barrels are weird but work. I’ll take a closer look at the grabbing frequency theory to see if I can lower it a bit. I did some more engine alterations I’ll write up in a changelog later today. Looks like I’m creating a mod now :smiley:


You mean f3 did…




Nope, he didn’t do anything yet :>






What else needs to be done to the mod? I just want the maps changed slightly. No more clip brush. I’m not too bothered about flying to be honest.


That’s not hard to do, I decompiled the maps a while back, Josh has them, ask him for them. Once you have the maps, you can remove some clipbrushes or triggers, then recompile the map, but I hope you have the patience for it, cuz the compile process for Ep2 is pretty long.


I have them? According to my search… I do not D:

Oh wait, there they are. Ep2 vmf’s. Have fun :stuck_out_tongue:


The current version of the mod has actually a lot more to offer than the last version posted here had. I did some minor physics modifications, made mortar jumps, rocket jumps and nade boosts more effective and less damaging, I added a speedmeter, implemented a timer and map record system (including encrypted time-hashes) and a couple other tiny things. I also wanted to change the grenade behaviour to be a little more as in Half-Life. Problem is that it’s all one big mess at the moment since most features aren’t 100% done yet.

I have a PDF of features and maps I want in the mod. I just updated the feature list in the file. If you guys are interested in the mod, I could continue working on it. So far, I’ve worked on it very irregularly, but that’s mainly cause I’ve been making the mod for myself only and I didn’t even know if I’d ever finish it. Anyway, here’s the PDF. If you have any other features you’d like to see, post them here. If you think the feature list is too long, I guess you have to start again from scratch and make the mod according to your desire or undo all the changes I’ve done in the code (which should be the more complicated option).


Sounds nice man :smiley: Any chance you can supply us with a small demo?