Remove the invisible clip on all of the maps! :smiley:


You do that and you’ll be catching on every little prop and brush in the map.


Just the invisible stuff, not the prop and other model stuff.


It’s all playerclip dude :stuck_out_tongue:


On the first map of Ep2 make it so that you can jump over that fence which gets knocked down by the portal storm. :smiley:


Does anyone still have the source code files to the changes made to re-enable the bunny hopping?


F3 or cRZYFST should have it.

Btw, I think everyone should have a look at cRZYFSTs pfd, looking at what he has implemented and what F3 has implemented (making the mod injectable into any ep2 mod) has me really excited about this. This line alone has made me have a nerdgasm :smiley:

“add kickback to the shotgun and pulse-rifle in order to boost the player in the opposite direction (cf. M249 boosting in Opposing Force)”

Edit: I’ve also been talking to Menter about this mod, I’m going to see if he can help us achieve the MP portion of this mod.

Edit 2: I think that when we are editing the HL2 maps, we should take out the clip for the gate in the d1_canals_11 map so we can get through Water Hazard without cheating.


I think the idea that Foust had about that was that we should have to run through the entire levels legitimately while having no story line slowing us down. This would be a lot more fun to run and more competitive but I don’t know how entertaining it would be to watch. :-\


I can help recompile maps. My quad core does most Valve TF2 maps in ~15-20 mins w/HDR on a final compile.

And awesome… I would really like the modded code Or at least know what needs to be changed :D)


Alright, sounds good, who here is good with Hammer, I know igge and Inexistence have some experience with it, and the only game I’ve done hardcore modding for is CoD4, which is why I’m doing the MW2 speed run with Typical.


Meh. There’s barely any interest in a Modern Warfare 2 run being done. We got more hype off of Episode 1. :wink:


I think someone said that they wanted the water level reduced to something else so that you could bunnyhop on these parts of the map. Since sharking is available in blamod I think something like this would be much more interesting. This would obviously be less hindering in the actual blamod as we will have shotty boosting and less damage from explosions.


EDIT: Also can I get a download link of any blamod. I just want to bunnyhop god damn it. :frowning:


Sorry, I meant to post this a lot sooner actually. I made some changes to the damage and force that weapons apply to the player so that a single nade jump wouldn’t kill you, etc. Maybe this makes things a little too easy but this should be determined once there are actually maps to run. The new update hindered me from basing the mod on EP2. Instead, it’s just based on the Source SDK 2007 now and currently mounts HL2, EP1 and EP2 content. If you want to change that, edit the AdditionalContentID section in the gameinfo.txt.

I realized that flying is waaaaaaaaaay to easy in blamod compared to how “hard” it was in HL2. I guess I could find a way of altering that a little but I didn’t have time to look into it yet. Also, you’ll notice that the New Game, Demos and Mod Settings dialogue don’t work properly yet. That’s because I wanted to rebuild them completely to have mod specific options but I’ve only done the basic design so far and need to populate the panels. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as adding a checkbox to the existing menus cause that part of the engine is not included in the SDK as far as I know. The country field under mod settings/rbr was supposed to be used in the demo naming scheme but I haven’t implemented this yet. I defined 90 as the standard fov. I’m guessing you guys usually use 75 so change that if you think something looks off. There’s sorta like an ingame AHK thingy now which really was as easy as commenting out a single line in the source code :> There’s a cvar for this in case you still want to use external AHK.

What else… the map rbr_devel sorta demonstrates the basic idea of how a typical map could look like. It’s a really simple test map I put together real quick to test the triggers and what not. Demo recording starts automatically on player spawn. Again, this can be turned off by a cvar. I recommend to leave it on as the code currently looks for a demo called temp.dem in the blamod/system/demos/temp folder and tries to move it to blamod/system/demos once the time is evaluated. The combine gate in the map is a visual representation for the timer triggers. The ending trigger stops demo recording automatically 8 seconds after hitting the trigger. The according record file is placed in blamod/system/records and links a demo immediately to a time since it contains a hash of the demo, time, player, map etc. Take a look at the console after the demo stopped. I’m planning to have some of the output on screen sooner or later. Also, I’ll add some sort of feedback effect to make the player see immediately when the timer stopped, a time improved, etc.

As you can see on the menu, I’m thinking of renaming the mod to “Run Baby Run” (firstly thought of Run Forest Run ;>). I thought this was kind of a cool title a while ago but I’m not sure yet. blamod somehow stuck with me. I might change it back again. Anyway, for a list of cvars/commands I added, just type rbr_ into the console. Concommands are cheat protected, cvars aren’t. Moving on…


[ul][li]changing the ammo system from a clip based to a global ammo system resulted in too many ammo boxes spawning on map loads (needs to be changed once maps are being edited)[/li]
[li]when recording a demo and you have more than 229 projectiles for a specific weapon, it’ll get reduced to 229 (that doesn’t apply to mortars). I have no idea where this number comes from. It’s got something to do with the update that gets sent to the client by the server when you start recording in order to sync server and client; the new ammo system must have messed it up. Also, weapons might be invisible or in weird positions. Shooting a projectile fixes that and it doesn’t show up on demos.[/li]
[li]the height meter currently doesn’t work properly. I use ray-tracing to determine the distance to the ground entity but apparently this doesn’t get reset properly when you stand on an entity that’s higher in the map than the initial ground[/li]
[li]the meters get displayed on the main menu. I swear I applied a fix to this yesterday but it doesn’t work anymore today. Or maybe that was a dream… I’ll look into it[/li][/ul]

That’s all I can think of right now. Kinda messy I guess. As you can see, nothing is really done yet so it might be some time until the mod comes even close to being finished. Consider this my birthday gift to you, Josh. Happy birthday, mate.

The Mighty blamod


Wow, this sounds absolutely amazing. About to play it now, see how it all goes. I’m really impressed by this and I can’t wait to see where this mod will go. It truly sounds incredible.

Thanks so much ^_^. Best birthday ever :smiley:

EDIT: Played it through some, and it’s really great. I imagine it’s going to be loads of fun, but it’s really really laggy, and I find it hard to play with. I tried the other, regular maps, and it’s still the same. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Either way, thanks a lot man, this is great to see :slight_smile:

EDIT2: Whatever I did, fixed it :smiley:


The mod truely is awesome. Kind of disapointed that the weapon boosting wasn’t implemented yet.

Also I think you may need to test the demo renaming thing on another device/operating system because I don’t think it’s working properly for me.


Anyone else got problems with missing sequences (On the standard HL2 maps)?

EDIT: And suddenly. A(nother) HL2 bug:


I don’t think any of the sequences on the game work anymore. It’s not like we need them anyway though. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Josh, I managed to get the same problem as you. Can you remember what you did to fix it? I keep getting FPS spikes though. It’s not consistantly bad.


I began a malware search, then I began uninstalling unused programs. I restarted Steam too. Maybe one of those fixed it, dunno :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s everyone’s fastest time? I got 25.6678 :smiley:



My amazing route planning skills trump you again good sir. 8)


13.0497. Not this time my friend :slight_smile: