14, got lucky with the wallclimb boost.



An optimal time is just lower than 10 seconds by the way. :wink:


11.5948. Yeah, optimal is under 10.



9 point fucking 6745


As soon as I can get the explosion while I’m still bunnyhopping, I can sub 10. Finding it so hard to do it. I got a high 10 climbing on top of the barrels. You guys using 2 to get to them, then one to explode the barrels, then one on the wall to get to the end?


Demo incoming…[00.09.6745]-TYPICAL.dem

The double barrel boost could have been a bit faster. I should have tried to get closer to the wall after I did the massive boost because then I could have got two off of the wall. I could have built up speed by bunnyhoppping in the small space that I had to try and get a little extra speed.


Why must you 2 go all out on everything.


Oh, you can shotgun it. Right. Under 9 seconds I’m going for.


We’re speedrunners. 8)

EDIT: 9.0578 :o





EDIT: Fucking hell Josh. Nice boost from the barrels but sometimes it’s just that route that you didn’t think about. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure what route you’re talking about. I managed to get the boost I wanted, just messed up at the end by not being near the wall to get the right speed. I can beat it :D. Fuck this, I should be doing Physics revision D:


Victory by forfeit. ;D


I SHOULD be, doesn’t mean I am ;D



Josh just give up. :smiley:


0:07.6645. Winnah? :slight_smile:


Hahah you guys are crazy. I haven’t thought of any of this. Didn’t imagine you’d start running the only map that offers a timer as soon as there was one :D. Great to see you’re enjoying it and great run, Josh.

As for the fps spikes, I have no idea where that comes from as I don’t have that problem at all. It might be due to the meters since those are updated virtually every frame. I don’t know how much that actually drains from your performance though. I’ll try to use the engine’s message system instead to see if that helps. As for demo renaming, I think I’m still using some standard C functions which I should probably avoid by using Valve’s filesystem functions instead. Gonna look into this as well.

The barrel thingy shouldn’t be a bug but rather a demonstration of my poor mapping skills. I’m sure the barrel prop simply lacks some important flags. And the missing sequences part is annoying but most-likely related to the fact that all the games are mounted as additional content, not as base mods. I’m sure you can fix it if you extract the correct script files from each mod and throw it into the scripts folder of blamod. Give it a shot cause I won’t since once the mod is done, those sequences should be removed from the maps anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, which resolutions do you guys use and are the meters positioned correctly for you? I placed them using 1280x720 so I’m a little afraid they might be misplaced at other resolutions.


^_^. I found what the fps spikes were, which was quite embarrassing. Turns out I had a key I thought was a save button, bound to startmovie. So I was actually recording my play with startmovie, and still managing 15fps or so :P.

Yeah, the renaming would be better, it won’t let us play them without changing the name, and you have to quit out of the game to be able to rename them at all.

I’m playing at 1024x768, windowed. Time is fine, but the UPS and Height are both too far to the left, they protrude into the title of it. UPS is okay, the first digit is only just touching the title. The height however, the first digit is almost entirely overlapping with the T.

Having a lot of fun with this, once I get some time, after this week or so, I’ll look into making another map, seeing if we can get some really fun stuff done :slight_smile:


Hmm. I don’t have a key bound to start movie. :-\

I play widescreen, fullscreen 1680x1080. I have the same problem as Josh where there aren’t enough spaces to display the whole number. The positioning is fine though.

Don’t worry about the renaming thing I thought that it renamed demo’s as they stopped but I now know that it only renames them when you go through the trigger. :slight_smile:


When I finish my exams I’m going to get cracking on a map for this mod. How about throwing some ideas around for it?