Awesome Group Quotes



He plays Facade for like 2 hours every day,
[1:38:40 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: WHAAAAAAAAAAT
[1:39:06 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Dude, I want to see his playthrough of that game
[1:39:10 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: imagine how awkward
[1:39:20 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: oh my god, imagine if that’s how he’s trying to become socially normal
[1:39:24 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: it would explain a lot
[1:40:09 AM] BitRain: That’s what I thought, he plays every day trying to get the right conversation and not get thrown out
[1:40:19 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: HAHAHAHAHA

Mountain Jew

[1:47:08 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: [1:46 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh:

<<< how about we segmented speedrun call of duty advanced warfare to 10th prestige instead of this shitty old game, isn’t it a cool idea guys?great idea
[1:47:26 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: I’ll begin renaming the website to
[1:47:37 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: catchy, right?
[1:47:49 AM] noah.bratcher50: Kreygasm
[1:47:49 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Right in the spot
[1:47:53 AM] BitRain: sponsored by doritos
[1:48:01 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: or better yet
[1:48:04 AM] WindedCone: ^
[1:48:05 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien:
[1:48:16 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: DON’T YOU MEAN DEWITOS
[1:48:21 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: ^
[1:48:29 AM] Margen67: what’s wrong with washington?
[1:48:39 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: idk, it’s a shitty state with shitty people
[1:48:40 AM] BitRain: in association with Mountain Jew
[1:48:40 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Too many margen67s
[1:48:41 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: HUE
[1:48:47 AM] BitRain: *dew
[1:48:47 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: wot
[1:48:52 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: mountain jew
[1:48:54 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: yes
[1:48:56 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: thank you
[1:48:58 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: i can now die happy
[1:49:10 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Mountain Jew
[1:49:11 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Oh man
[1:49:32 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: jewrito
[1:49:42 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: nah
[1:49:42 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: fuck
[1:49:45 AM | Edited 1:49:55 AM] BitRain: THEy EXIST
[1:49:50 AM] noah.bratcher50: this chat turned from serious segment talk to jewish mountain dew doritos
[1:50:01 AM] Margen67: and fuck washington state
[1:50:03 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Topl lel

I swear, some comedy gold comes out of this group.


[2014.11.10 19:07:30] Elias (Elgu):
[2014.11.10 19:09:03] .exe: i like how dog is watching her ass
[2014.11.10 19:09:27] Pierre (λpruno): Well, he learned from matmo
[2014.11.10 19:09:29] .exe: i bet he learned some tricks from dwahmov
[2014.11.10 19:09:30] .exe: lmao
[2014.11.10 19:09:31] Pierre (λpruno): …
[2014.11.10 19:09:33] Pierre (λpruno): o/
[2014.11.10 19:09:35] .exe: \o


Revamped Forums:

[11:11:46 PM] BitRain: [11:07 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien:

<<< [nsfw link] what
this was in the sidebar
[11:11:52 PM] BitRain: where did you find this?
[11:12:05 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: i guess i should probably actually open this now
[11:12:14 PM] BitRain: it’s explicit
[11:12:31 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: oh, ew
[11:12:43 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: it was off to the side that said ‘public pastes’
[11:13:01 PM] BitRain: ah, I thought it was on the forum
[11:13:11 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: haha, oh god no
[11:13:20 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Though, now that I think about it
[11:13:25 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: We should revamp sourceruns
[11:13:30 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Turn it into a grade-a porn site
[11:14:06 PM] BitRain: HL2
Portal 2
Black Mesa
[11:15:44 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Yep. This is happening
[11:15:52 PM] BitRain: hype


[11:17:55 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien:
[11:18:06 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: I’ve made a few ‘’‘modifications’’’ to the forum


new and improved


I wanna see it :open_mouth:


I’ve made it so that you either have to be a runner with the associated forum group, or have 1,000 posts.


Are we allowed to create a spam post thread for the purpose of achieving the latter section?

Also, how does one get in to the associated forum group?


what no


Running Games > Porn

Yay! Now there’s something I might actually be able to get a speedrun record in! ;D ;D ;D



okay ew why


O’Malley finishes his “runs” quickly.


Oh well, I’ll just pass :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m morbidly curious why the first topic is titled ‘Jared’


Jared = Centaur1um

I didn’t know what to expect when the board was made, were people going to actually post explicit material on it? Because it’s just 1 humorous picture with a mildly suggestive filename at the moment.

Hype is ded :frowning:


That’s not my name


Mystery of the centuar1


So why did this turn into a spam topic?


Sorry, had to.


Sourceruns mansion

[1:01:38 AM] Smedius/D4rw1N: Jared, when are you becoming a millionaire so you can buy a SourceRuns mansion where we all could live together

[1:01:47 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: soon, don’t worry
[1:02:00 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: I just got 30 full dollars yesterday from the paypal
[1:02:10 AM] Smedius/D4rw1N: On your way then

[1:02:33 AM] .exe: i will sleep in the basement ok
[1:02:56 AM] .exe: but i wont speedrun or anything i’ll just sleep
[1:03:05 AM] .exe: I NEED A PLACE TO SLEEP
[1:03:10 AM] .exe: UFCK
[1:03:15 AM] Smedius/D4rw1N: You can have the roof
[1:04:05 AM] Smedius/D4rw1N: But it’s slanted so you’ll fall to the ground a lot when you’re sleeping
[1:04:27 AM] .exe: I will +use so that shit cannot move me
[1:05:02 AM] Rama: surf in your sleep
[1:05:19 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: We’ll give you rope, so you can tie yourself to the roof
[1:05:26 AM] .exe: can i tie it around my neck
[1:05:28 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: you can be our official greeter when we have people over
[1:05:32 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: even better!
[1:05:40 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: you can fall down to them, and yell welcome
[1:05:42 AM] .exe: i know rite
[1:06:17 AM] Rama: “wanna play ag?” and then they leave
[1:06:19 AM] BitRain: “who’s the guy on the roof jared?” Oh him? he’s just a mod
[1:06:40 AM] .exe: atleast i can sleep eternally
[1:06:50 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: well’p, better start looking into mansions, since I need this to happen
[1:07:01 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: exe will be our mansion’s hood ordiment
[1:07:09 AM] .exe: there will be a ghost around “boooo, wanna play a geeeeee”
[1:07:25 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: you only get one fucking role, exe

[1:08:10 AM] BitRain:
[1:08:14 AM] BitRain: perfect
[1:08:40 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: now someone photoshop exec hanging by his neck from the roof
[1:08:58 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: oh what the fuck rain
[1:09:03 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: this roof isn’t even slanted
[1:09:09 AM] BitRain: oh shit
[1:09:42 AM] .exe: photoshop the roof too
[1:10:10 AM] BitRain: slanted enough for ya?
[1:11:52 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: this is perfect for exec

[1:14:50 AM] .exe: sorry i didnt photoshop the roof
[1:15:23 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: this has just turned into the best day of my life
[1:15:24 AM] Rama: z222

[1:20:29 AM] BitRain:
[1:20:43 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: lel
[1:20:57 AM] PJC: nice

chinese food

[1:44:34 AM] Jared ‘Centaur2um’ O’Brien: but i don’t want the fucking chow mein


oh my god, that sign
I imagine when we get our headquarters in the next few years, we’ll have that same exact sign.