Awesome Group Quotes


Figured there’s some pretty hilarious stuff that comes up in the Steam chat for the group. My first contribution.

Combine: Soldier TYPICAL: i’m watching men
Bad Horse: …
Combine: Soldier TYPICAL: watching watchmen*


THAT’S NOT MY NAME. WHO SAID THAT!i need a hug…Not like any of you are going to give me that now. :frowning:


I’d offer one, but my arms are covered in potassium.




“No, that’s basically the only thing I drink. It also makes me horny” - Jared on whiskey.



"Yep, my body is weird."Who said that?


“It’s the only way I’m gonna… stab your face in.” - Jared on doing all nighters.“There’s something about chinese food that just makes me want to… strangle a kitten.” Jared on Chinese.“Don’t say I won’t remember because I won’t.” Jared on moderation.




“TYPICAL: i’m not fucking gay -.-” LMAOLIES


Potassium Horse: SUCK MEI think he’s trying to tell us something.


I was trying to tell you about my inner turmoil.


When I invent a safer way to kill people, I’ll mention you.



Inexistence: [VGN]Vantage : playing tf2 with my own weapon skins is there anything more ossum lolInexistence : GirlsTYPICAL: they’re not so awesome


Hey Cool. Back me up on this. :stuck_out_tongue:


gilrs i think r awesum sometimes but not usually cuz usually i cant talk to them cuz they wont to talk about stupid things but when some times i meat a girl on a tf2 server its fun cuz she medics me and we flirt and stuff 2


QUOTE (typical @ Oct 29 2009, 11:33 PM) Hey Cool. Back me up on this. :stuck_out_tongue: Why? We all know you are queer and proud. Don’t try to deny your species.


Make me.


[GGG] Spookyman-X: i can do little kids really well