Awesome Group Quotes


Cptcool2: I don’t wanna lost the community we have now… all of us 3 members. :smiley: Cool talking about the cool and yano community.


"And I just like the current community we have, all of us 3 members."Don’t make me sound more illiterate than I already am.


Just something I remember from ages back when me and Josh first started chatting. I’d just told him about the Zombine joke skip.Inexistence: WHY DO YOU KEEP THESE THINGS TO YOURSELF?!So glad we’ve almost finished Episode 1. :smiley:


I had to listen to that joke so many times until you finally told me about that


CooL: in your case, you cant shave your legs, you fucking sick son of a bitchInexistence: But it makes me look good in tights D:TYPICAL: ^ he’s rightTYPICAL: awww fuck


Some things never change. :frowning:


Inexyyyybum: Eddie Izzard is hot



…He is. So what?


He has such a nice ass.


igge entered chat.
igge: Do you ever leave this place?
igge left chat.

igge’s so nice to me. Slightly humorous but I’m still drunk this morning.


TYPICAL: also i now have bragging rights =p
Inexistence: mhm
ridd3r: e e ean a e etually get this like everytime
Inexistence left chat.

Josh is upset because he sucks. lololol


Good times :frowning:


Better times yet to be had.


ORK<CooL: Well maybe I’ll accidentally
-{ÜMA}- | Djon: You can’t
TYPICAL: you’ll do no such thing
ORK<CooL: I will
Inexeestence: I’d when I was younger, and it was a bad move
ORK<CooL: Well, maybe we should avoid a repeat of


Meanwhile, on IRC


He said hi :3


There was a 3-line conversation the day before!


Well, so much for that.


I’m having a time now. 8)


Inexeestence: Fox, having a party tonight. Can you get to England for 8pm?
AoS | Foxt: sure
AoS | Foxt: im on the plane already

Foxt knows how to get shit done.