Awesome Group Quotes


Contributing (since I haven’t in over 2 years)

CooL64%: Nice skip josh
Inexistence left chat.
CooL64%: Well fuck you too


Soz bro <3


19:32 - CooL64%: People go to Amsterdam because of drugs, not drugs
19:32 - TYPICAL: …
19:32 - TYPICAL: jared how many drugs have you had today
19:33 - CooL64%: a mission
19:33 - CooL64%: million*
19:33 - CooL64%: how


18:20 - S.: uuugh, i hate having to switch my propfly and ladderspeed script around D:
18:20 - CooL64%: And I hate studying
18:20 - CooL64%: But you have it worse ;D


S.: i made a horrible mistake
@H|H UnrealCanine: ?
S.: i bought a pizza
S.: with onion
S.: uugh
@H|H UnrealCanine: …
@H|H UnrealCanine: Get out >:C
S. left chat.


3:21 - S.: gocnak
3:21 - S.: lets play portal 2 on sgdq 2013
3:21 - S.: but you need to pay my travel
3:21 - Gocnak: and you pay for the food
3:21 - S.: deal
3:21 - S.: btw i want you to take care of my visa and passport
3:21 - S.: as well
3:21 - Gocnak: ookey :>
3:21 - S.: deal?
3:22 - Gocnak: i need a job :
3:22 - Gocnak: then deal
3:22 - S.: .chatlog


15:10 - S.: wait what
15:10 - S.: i thought Orea was dishwasher soap stuff
15:11 - S.: Oreo*
15:11 - S.: not cookies


S isn’t the smartest cookie Oreo


[04:13:08] S “S.” t.W.: i just calculated that HL2DWAHMOV completes 1 map every 7 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:
[04:14:19] S “S.” t.W.: If we continue at this rate, the rerun will be done in 2020 :’)


I don’t see a problem with that. As long as we’re done before HL3 there’s no need to rush.


The night before my family’s and our friends’ big car trip through Sweden:

[03:27:18] Nick Roth:
[03:28:06] Smedius/D4rw1N: Lulz, free games?
(Full playthrough - nonstop)
[07:01:35] Smedius/D4rw1N: Fuck nick roth D: I downloaded limbo from his link and now 3½ hours later I finished it and won’t get any sleep before our trip
[07:01:46] Nick Roth: xD


Z1mb0bw4y: “Brb, grabbing ice cream”
Inexistence: “How much ice cream do you eat you fat bastard”

Pruno: oh and, do u guys use ahk ? Pruno: on mousewheel ? Z1m: No dont use ahk, mousewheel only. Z1m: Well for this segment it doesn't matter. Gocnak: Yeah, you only jump once. Gocnak: YOJO


: D



Good times.


[19:15:08] S.: hmmm
[19:15:42] .Executλble: hmmmm?
[19:15:47] S.: hmmm
[19:15:49] S.: hmm
[19:15:54] .Executλble: mhm.


[1:02:23 PM] S.: came up with a name for the stupid thing that happens when you try to bhop a gap, and you land right on the edge and instead it slides you off instead of do another bhop [1:03:18 PM] S.: SOEBCG [1:03:54 PM] S.: sliding off edge bunnyhop cancellation glitch [1:05:12 PM] Nick Roth: lmao [1:05:24 PM] Nick Roth: you should just call it the "HMBAWT" [1:05:29 PM] Nick Roth: "Hold my beer and watch this"

Need to keep that in mind for a future trick.


D4rw1N: You wanna skype and explore stuff in black mesa?
S.: no
D4rw1N: :frowning:

S. The most sincere douche there is.


22:03 - i wanna be goku: the deathless run is easy to achieve
22:03 - i wanna be goku: the crashless run however, is not