Awesome Group Quotes

[19:16:27] James "TYPICAL" Tooley: dead link? someone help! [19:16:27] James "TYPICAL" Tooley: [19:16:37] S.:

This is the homepage for the Gunman-To-Steam Patch. This patch is for Rewolf Software’s retail game Gunman Chronicles to make it work properly as a Half-Life mod on Valve’s Steam platform. This is to make the game playable once again as its original standalone WON incarnation has many compatibility issues with modern systems.

Download Links Mirror (57.64mb)
Alternate Mirror (57.64mb)

Installation Instructions
(This requires the original full version of Gunman Chronicles to be installed first)

Copy the rewolf folder from your WON install
(Default C:\Sierra\Gunman\rewolf )
to your Steam Half-Life folder
(Default C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps[SteamName]\half-life )

Extract this zip file’s contents to the copied rewolf folder
(Should now be something like
C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps[SteamName]\half-life\rewolf )
Overwrite all files when asked.

Optionally, but recommended, run the wonfiles_cleanup.bat now in the rewolf folder to
delete about 240mb of unused space.

Start up Steam and find Gunman Chronicles listed in the games menu. Play as normal.
Gunman-To-Steam Patch Features

Steam “My Games” menu icon
High-quality startup video - Based on the DivX avi available from the Streamline Studios website, which has far greater quality than the original Bink version
New menu background - Based on original WON background
Added mini-loading screen before menu when the game is started
Edited menu color scheme
Menu music
Edited menu sounds - Used the most equivalent WON menu waves
Added miscellaneous WON things, such as sprays
High-quality MP3 game soundtrack
Demo levels integrated into full game
Includes an autoexec.cfg with a few commands that should automatically improve image quality ingame
Detail textures
Steam-Conversion Bug Fix - HEV sounds no longer play
Steam-Conversion Bug Fix - Training removed from New Game choices
Rewolf - Gunman Chronicles
Streamline Studios - High-quality DivX Gunman intro video
Maverick Developments - The Gunman demo levels
Werner Spahl - Gunman Chronicles Demo Addon
Cheese (Bonz) - Original Gunman Steam patch which I used as a reference
Besli - Help and support, providing icon, testing
Rusty Le Cyborg - Help and support, testing
Matt of HL-Improvement - Help with WON stuff
Quad - Help with detail textures
HIT Forums - General interest
All fans of Gunman Chronicles - Live on!

Ingame Quality Comparison

WON 12/29/01

Steam 1/14/06

Questions or Comments?
Contact Me

Gunman Chronicles and all other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Please don’t sue.
[19:16:49] James “TYPICAL” Tooley: wat.

Providing some very important information on what I needed. >.>

  • D4rw1N calls Jared on his phone
    Jared: Dude, you live in Sweden. You should be sleeping.
    D4rw1N: I seeeeeeee youuuu.


[09:29:19] Nick Roth: “That’s pretty ironic because like tonight I was at friends house for tops like half an hour and apart from that I was like talking or speaking with you in skype… um… and apart from that it’s like, i dunno it’s nothing I just like listen to my music and stuff idk. I just have 6 fucking sandwiches let’s start with this one.”

Apparently I said that while being drunk in skype last night.


He also told me your sammich fell on the ground in the bus, then you picked it up. “I don’t see any hairs, so I think I can still eat it”


I take it that’s some weird joke because that never happened. ><

I made those sandwiches much later when I got back home, never ate anything on the bus.


He also told me your sammich fell on the ground, then you picked it up. “I don’t see any hairs, so I think I can still eat it”

fixed it then


Me: “Wanna know how you say “breasts” in Swedish?”
Z1m: “How?”
Me: “Krankerfajt.”
Z1m: “WHAT?!”
Me: Laughing to tears “I’m fucking kidding, it’s “bröst” dude.”


[12/21/2012 10:02:53 AM] Josh/Inex: I fucking love christmas songs
[12/21/2012 10:03:07 AM] Nick Roth: I hate christmas songs
[12/21/2012 10:03:13 AM] S.: im not bothered by them
[12/21/2012 10:03:41 AM] Nick Roth: it’d be like if they played ONLY RAP in stores during black history month

Oh Z1m, you holly jolly bastard.


Z1m (working on a Portal segment): “NOOO WAIT I GOT IT IN BUT THEN IT SPAZZED AND FIZZLED”

Interpretation FTW!


[06:21:25] D4rw1N:
[06:21:33] D4rw1N: That’s the sourcerunner’s best friend in the dark


[1:06:36] Nick (Gocnak): I wonder what will finish first
[1:06:45] Nick (Gocnak): dwahmov or DW upload
[1:07:21] Dom [UnrealCanine]: dwahmov obviously


While filling out a form to determine what is a glitch and what isn’t in Portal, Gocnak put this as explanation/reasoning for the “shoot through tube” glitch:

Let's say, hypothetically, that Xebaz orders a box of (used) Trojan XS Condoms from the interwebs. While Xebaz is doing the sexy bsns with P Body, he is faced in a scenario where he can "shoot his portal" either "inbounds" or "out of bounds." If Xebaz was to "shoot his portal inbounds," he would have to use one of the aforementioned condoms. Now, lets say these condoms were made out of the same material as the Tube in this Portal Glitch. Unknown to P Body, a portal can travel through this material, but that's not what the box says! So therefore, this must be a glitch, as it was not intended for a portal to travel through it.


That is probably the most beautiful thing to come out of the SourceRuns skype chat.

[8:10:12 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: oh good [8:10:15 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: I'm good with knives [8:10:25 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: Alright, let's do this [8:10:30 PM] S.: 4 colors aye? [8:10:35 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: For the knife? [8:10:37 PM] S.: yes [8:10:42 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: Alright [8:10:44 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: ready [8:10:48 PM] S.: and also copy the GO [8:10:57 PM] S.: and draw thek nifen ext to it or something [8:11:00 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: what go? [8:11:05 PM] S.: the go arianon will sya [8:11:07 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: Who's going to say it? [8:11:08 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: Oh [8:11:12 PM] S.: o a, anead at typing [8:11:13 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: ARIANON GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER [8:11:14 PM] S.: i am bad* [8:11:20 PM] Arianon: kk [8:11:36 PM] Arianon: FIVE! [8:11:38 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: ffs [8:11:38 PM] Arianon: FOUR! [8:11:40 PM] Arianon: THREE! [8:11:41 PM] Arianon: TWO! [8:11:43 PM] Arianon: ONE! [8:11:44 PM] Arianon: GO! [8:12:22 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: [8:12:29 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: DID I WIN [8:12:34 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: IS THAT EVEN A KNIFE [8:12:36 PM] S.: [8:12:39 PM] Arianon: WHAT THE FUCK AM I LOOKING AT [8:13:08 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: NO ONE SAID IT HAD TO BE A GOOD KNIFE [8:13:10 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA [8:13:11 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: FUCK YOU NIGGERS [8:13:24 PM] Arianon: stop right there, criminal scum [8:13:25 PM] S.: it looks more like a meat cleaver to me [8:13:30 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: Oh [8:13:34 PM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: It actually looks like something?


One more

[10:39:44 AM] .exe: S. make me an op [10:39:46 AM] .exe: op op op [10:39:50 AM] Jared '50-Centaur1um' O'Brien: no no no [10:39:50 AM] Arianon: aye let's talk shit that makes sense [10:39:53 AM] S.: sure thing [10:39:57 AM] *** S. removed .exe from this conversation. *** [10:39:58 AM] S.: oops


[21:39:51] Nick (Gocnak): ok how was everyone’s day?
[21:45:57] .exe: hi Gocnak
[21:46:13] Nick (Gocnak): hi exe
[21:49:46] Dom [UnrealCanine]: hi gocnak
[21:49:52] Nick (Gocnak): hi dom
[21:54:21] S.: hi gocnak
[21:54:38] Nick (Gocnak): hi S.
[21:54:50] quad: hi gocnak
[21:54:53] Nick (Gocnak): hi quad

Busy day eh Gocnak?





Reminds me of

[19:21:02] .exe: tomorrow is friday? [19:21:24] S.: wednesday [19:21:53] Arianon: [19:21] .exe:

<<< tomorrow is friday?[19:21] S.:

<<< wednesday
[19:22:12] .exe: today is wednesday
[19:22:19 | Edited 19:22:26] .exe: in my timezone
[19:22:26] S.: you are retarded
[19:22:34] S.: 1) How would tomorrow be friday if today is wednesday
[19:22:37] S.: 2) It’s thursday motherfucker
[19:22:41] .exe: oh
[19:22:43] .exe: fuck
[19:22:43] S.: in your timezone at least
[19:22:45] .exe: sorry
[19:22:53] Nick (Gocnak): [18:31] .exe:

[19:22:57] S.: lol
[19:22:59] .exe: my bad
[19:23:08] .exe: wtf is ur problem
[19:23:14] .exe: im not stupid
[19:23:16] .exe: lazy to think
[19:23:19] S.: ^
[19:23:22] S.: Who isnt
[19:23:22] .exe: brain afk lalalala