Awesome Group Quotes


Conglaturation, D4rw1N. Now get back to work.


[9:02:52 PM] Matmo: I farted in my room and it stinks…

[18.11.2013 22:26:29] Dom [UnrealCanine]: hello [18.11.2013 22:28:25] .exe: hi Dom [18.11.2013 22:28:36] Matmo: hi Dom [18.11.2013 22:31:27] Smedius/D4rw1N: hi Dom [18.11.2013 22:41:48] Phantom: hi Dom [18.11.2013 22:43:26] Alex Gilbert: hi Dom [18.11.2013 22:43:42] Till/TheAsuro: hi Dom [18.11.2013 22:54:07] S.: hi Dom [18.11.2013 22:54:40 | Изменены 22:54:44] Jeralulz: hi Dom [18.11.2013 23:05:56] Ivan "YaLTeR" Molodetskikh: hi Dom [18.11.2013 23:08:49] quad: hi Dom [18.11.2013 23:10:19] Elias: hi Dom [18.11.2013 23:35:32] λpruno: hi Dom [19.11.2013 0:13:08] Nick Roth: hi Dom


he didn’t even say hi back :frowning:


He already said Hi.

Shame on Gocnak for breaking the chain without adding to it first.


[04:04:22] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Holy shit, trying to get cats to follow you is about as hard as trying to get HL1’s AI to follow you
[04:11:14] Matmo: use a grenade
[04:14:42] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: I think that would kill my cat, matmo
[04:14:56] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: the whole purpose of owning a cat is not to kill it
[04:15:13] Matmo: well no… you throw the grenade and it scares the cat and it follows you
[04:15:27] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: yeah, but I always miss
[04:15:49] Matmo: well you don’t have to be accurate. Just throw it in the general direction
[04:16:02] Matmo: it’s like you’ve never played gold source games before…
[04:17:30] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: that’s the problem
[04:17:37] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: I can’t throw in the general direction of anything
[04:17:48] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Like in zoolander, how ben stiller couldn’t turn right


[02.12.2013 23:56:25] quad:

[02.12.2013 23:44] Jared 'Centaur1um' O'Brien: speedrunners are generally the best beta testers :P
[02.12.2013 23:56:25] quad: I found a glitch in our microwave oven [02.12.2013 23:56:56] Jared 'Centaur1um' O'Brien: Woah me too, what was yours? [00:24:39] quad: it has a digial timer, I can make it keep going even if the timer is 00:00 [00:24:53] quad: and also make it stop even if the timer is still going [00:25:30] quad: everything by partly open the hatch [00:27:04] Jared 'Centaur1um' O'Brien: oh [00:27:12] Jared 'Centaur1um' O'Brien: mine kills puppies if you put them inside of it


[18:26:58] D4rw1N: We should adopt an official SourceRuns baby, then that baby would be the youngest
[18:27:06] Alex Gilbert: wat
[18:27:06] D4rw1N: And we could take turns parenting it
[18:27:18] quad: raise him to be THE speedrunner
[18:27:20] Alex Gilbert: to raise the best speedrunner in history?
[18:27:22] Matmo: That would be amazing…
[18:27:23] CBenni: ^
[18:27:30] D4rw1N: “Oh it’s friday, time to ship it off to Matmo using fedex”
[18:27:36] Matmo: :smiley:
[18:27:36] D4rw1N: Yup, we’d all train him
[18:27:37 | Bearbeitet 18:27:43] CBenni: kid beats SMB WR at the age of 5
[18:27:58] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: And then starts to hate every of you, that’s how it usually goes (in movies Kappa)
[18:28:06] Alex Gilbert: teaching him half-life stats instead of regular math
[18:28:29] Matmo: Ass staring for social communication.
[18:28:44] D4rw1N: But then when he wins the world championship in speedrunning (let’s pretend that’ll happen in the future) he wins and sees how proud we all are, then it’s back to loving us
[18:29:07] Alex Gilbert: teaching him to walk backwards and crouched to get used to it
[18:29:25] D4rw1N: He will be the only person in the world that can ABH irl
[18:30:18] Jeralulz: what about stuck launches?
[18:30:22] Alex Gilbert: I wonder how could we teach him to triggerdelay in real life
[18:30:54] Matmo: Atleast I can teach him something practical :stuck_out_tongue:
[18:31:04] D4rw1N: To get women by staring at their asses?
[18:31:07] D4rw1N: Great advice
[18:31:24] Matmo: :smiley:
[18:31:30] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Lolz
[18:32:20] Julian Seach: works every time
[18:32:41] Alex Gilbert: that kid might be able to speedrun half-life 3 since we’ll all be dead before it’s released
[18:33:28] melis: he’ll be the actual cowen hames or whatever the hell his name is


[14:14:41] .exe: sup
[14:18:45] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Oh nothing
[14:18:50] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Just dying
[14:19:01] .exe: nice
[14:19:17] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: It’s great
[14:19:28] .exe: dying of laughter or just dying?
[15:48:22] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: ded

[15:48:22] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: ded

It might be that I just woke up, but I found that hilarious for some reason.


16:00 - Pineapple: i gotta cat though
16:00 - Pineapple: i can get it to look for me
16:00 - Pineapple: put a USB cable up its ass
16:00 - Pineapple: import
16:00 - Pineapple: so i can see
16:00 - Pineapple: ezpz
16:20 - Pineapple is now Away.


[17:33:36] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Guess what. My PSU decided that it’s better to rip one pin of its mobo connector (including the mobo side) instead of helping my PC run cod ghosts
[17:34:47] Pierre (λpruno): who plays cod ghosts anyway
[17:34:49] Pierre (λpruno): good job psu
[17:34:59] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Yeah, rip my pc for at least a week
[17:35:20] Pierre (λpruno): that’s what you deserve for playing cod ghosts
[17:35:20] Pierre (λpruno): ;D
[17:35:30] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: I didn’t even finish downloading it
[17:35:57] Elias: lol
[17:36:07] Pierre (λpruno): well, you computer reacts fast


[20:43:04] .exe: how many %, coolkid?
[20:43:26] Till (TheAsuro): it’s already uploaded
[20:43:29] Till (TheAsuro): >april fools
[20:44:46] coolkid: internet issues. i had to start over
[20:44:46] Elias: ^
[20:47:59] Josh: :’(
[20:48:02] Josh: hate
[20:48:07] Matmo: ^
[20:49:07] .exe: hatred
[20:49:13] Elias:
[20:49:24] .exe: HAAHAHAHAHAH
[20:49:47] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: HAH
[20:50:25] Matmo: HAHAHA
[20:50:28] Matmo: Too perfect.
[21:11:59] Smedius/D4rw1N: Thank you for that elgu, that was fucking brilliant
[21:16:28] Josh: Potential that this sumer I’ll visit some friends in Sweden. COOLKID WILL NOT GET A VISIT.


[14:57:50] .exe: any aussies here to comfirm that wander = wonder in australia?
[14:58:13] Cameron D: no, they are both different things
[14:58:20] .exe: fucking pineapple
[14:59:13] S.: wander = walk around aimlessly
[14:59:17] S.: wonder = think around aimlessly
[14:59:21] Matmo: ^
[14:59:21] .exe: yes thats what im trying to tell him
[14:59:43] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Isn’t wonder = want to know something?
[14:59:56] .exe: 13:58 - Pineapple: they are wrong
[14:59:58] S.: shhhh he doesnt need to know that
[15:00:08] S.: tell him to grab a dictionary
[15:00:09] .exe: 14:00 - Pineapple: wrong
[15:00:21] .exe: 13:53 - Pineapple: thats what im wandering
[15:00:26] .exe: 13:53 - Pineapple: australia
13:53 - Pineapple: wander
[15:00:28] Cameron D:
[15:00:33] Cameron D:
[15:00:41] .exe: 14:00 - Pineapple: wonder is a word made up in the harry potter books
14:00 - Pineapple: for the magic stick
[15:00:51] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Teh fok
[15:00:52] Cameron D: lolwat
[15:00:59] .exe: lol
[15:01:09] S.: wat
[15:01:22] Matmo:
[15:01:27] .exe: LOL
[15:01:28] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: LOL



[12:58:59 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: [12:47:03 PM] Till (TheAsuro): ^
[12:55:32 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: I had a dream last night that I’m going to turn into a gameshow when I’m rich
[12:55:49 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: It’ll involve 5 beautiful women and 5 beautiful dresses
[12:55:53 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: and bill clinton
[12:56:15 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: and they’re all on a cliffedge, where there’s 50 ft of cliff above and below them
[12:56:23 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: and they only have half a foot to balance on
[12:56:44 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: All the while, Bill Clinton, the host, is interviewing the girls saying “So, if you win, what do you plan on doing?”
[12:57:03 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: And they’d say something along the lines of “I’m going to go to med school” or “Use it to give my family a better life”
[12:57:12 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: However, if they fall off the cliff and die, they lose
[12:57:18 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: What do you guys think?
[12:59:35 PM] Rama: what’s the name of it=
[12:59:36 PM] Rama: ?
[1:01:23 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: “Bill Clinton pushes women in dresses off cliffs”
[1:01:43 PM] BitRain: I swear, there needs to be a “caps of chat thread” on the forum
[1:03:35 PM] BitRain: The mailman murder mystery, the wako ownage, the random stories, all pure gold
[1:05:19 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: uh
[1:05:20 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: rain
[1:05:21 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: there is
[1:05:46 PM] BitRain: !
[1:05:46 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Awesome Group Quotes



MailMan Murder Mystery

[10/6/2014 3:20:41 AM] Jared ‘50-Centaur1um’ O’Brien: fuck, AND i still have to make that letterbomb for my mailman
[10/6/2014 3:20:59 AM] Jared ‘50-Centaur1um’ O’Brien: hi rama
[10/6/2014 3:20:59 AM] WindedCone: dude what
[10/6/2014 3:21:11 AM] BitRain: you’re gonna kill your mailman?
[10/6/2014 3:21:15 AM] Jared ‘50-Centaur1um’ O’Brien: I have to
[10/6/2014 3:21:29 AM] WindedCone: woah

[10/6/2014 3:21:55 AM] Jared ‘50-Centaur1um’ O’Brien: okay i’ll record the death of my mailman
[10/6/2014 3:22:03 AM] Jared ‘50-Centaur1um’ O’Brien: His name’s Mike, he’s 5’5’’
[10/6/2014 3:22:18 AM] Jared ‘50-Centaur1um’ O’Brien: and has a silly little hat
[10/6/2014 3:22:22 AM] Jared ‘50-Centaur1um’ O’Brien: too bad he has to die tomorrow
[10/6/2014 3:22:29 AM] BitRain: poor mike
[10/6/2014 3:22:34 AM] moothing_: Hello, 911?
(He didn’t kill him btw)

Fate of Wako.

[10/20/2014 6:00:12 AM] Wako: I might take a few days of school.
[10/20/2014 6:00:18 AM] Wako: Just do some routing.
[10/20/2014 6:08:43 AM] moothing_: yeah, fuck education
[10/20/2014 6:08:57 AM] moothing_: because being in a speedrun is what gets you the REAL jobs
[10/20/2014 6:09:03 AM] zda1337: word
[10/20/2014 6:09:05 AM] Wako: Shat up.
[10/20/2014 6:09:07 AM] moothing_: up top!
[10/20/2014 6:09:07 AM] Wako: :stuck_out_tongue:
[10/20/2014 6:09:10 AM] moothing_: :T
[10/20/2014 6:09:19 AM] Wako: Your making me feel bad.
[10/20/2014 6:16:48 AM] moothing_: you fucking should
[10/20/2014 6:16:51 AM] moothing_: with your shitty ideas
[10/20/2014 6:17:07 AM] Wako: What did i do to you.
[10/20/2014 6:17:12 AM] Wako: “CRIES”
[10/20/2014 6:17:28 AM] moothing_: told ne your idea to skip school for videogames
[10/20/2014 6:20:21 AM] Wako: Do you actually think its a bad idea?
[10/20/2014 6:20:37 AM] moothing_: If you’re anything but a fucking retard
[10/20/2014 6:20:40 AM] moothing_: yeah

Poor rick

[10/20/2014 11:30:00 PM] BitRain: I think Windedcone should get the first segment,
[10/20/2014 11:30:14 PM] BitRain: he started this
[10/20/2014 11:30:17 PM] .exe: guys
[10/20/2014 11:30:24 PM] .exe: im afraid the only way to solve who will get the first segment
[10/20/2014 11:30:26 PM] .exe: is…
[10/20/2014 11:30:27 PM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Let him get the gman segment Kappa
[10/20/2014 11:30:30 PM] /z/: rng
[10/20/2014 11:30:31 PM] .exe: rock paper scissors
[10/20/2014 11:30:33 PM] /z/: yep
[10/20/2014 11:30:36 PM] Noah Bratcher (Valvinraim): i call scissors
[10/20/2014 11:30:40 PM] .exe: paper
[10/20/2014 11:30:43 PM] BitRain: RICK
[10/20/2014 11:30:44 PM] BitRain: shit
[10/20/2014 11:30:44 PM] Noah Bratcher (Valvinraim): rip exe
[10/20/2014 11:30:52 PM] Noah Bratcher (Valvinraim): SCISSORS CUT RICK
[10/20/2014 11:30:53 PM] Noah Bratcher (Valvinraim): I WIN
[10/20/2014 11:30:56 PM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: sv_cheats 1;god
[10/20/2014 11:30:58 PM] Noah Bratcher (Valvinraim): top kek

From a Skype Call:

J: I’m gonna have 69 kids, all of them named Adolf
W: wut


Jared, is everything alright?


holy shit i cant stop laughing


Kinky Greasy Administrator

[22.23.42] BitRain: go on
[22.25.11] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: found it
[22.25.28] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien:
[22.26.34] BitRain: wow
[22.26.55] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: yeah bscly
[22.27.10] BitRain: how’d he get hired?
[22.27.49] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: idk, he probably fucked one of the our uni’s greasy administrators
[22.28.22] BitRain: kek

Darn Mexicans

[22.13.30] BitRain: the wife paid some gang 15,000 to kill him, and the body was her problem
[22.14.13] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: jesus fuck, is that in usd?
[22.14.29] BitRain: IDR
[22.14.36] BitRain: 15 million Rp
[22.15.12] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: the best kind of currency
[22.15.18] BitRain: no wait, it’s 182550000
[22.15.24] BitRain: that number
[22.15.28] BitRain: im not good with numbers
[22.15.37] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: oh wait you’re being serious
[22.15.42] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: I thought you meant like roleplay money
[22.15.52] BitRain: srsly mang
[22.16.00] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: I literally just woke up
[22.16.06] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: and the pills haven’t kicked in yet
[22.16.06] BitRain: IDR= Indonesian Rupiah=Rp
[22.16.16] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: fuck, sorry ._.
[22.16.20] BitRain: is okey
[22.19.42] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: fuck, I’d like to pay about that much to kill these mexicans outside my window to stop blowing their fucking leave blowers


[1:05:04 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: POSTERIOR CLEANSING