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This thread is quite possibly the best thing ever. 5 Fking years of crazy stuff happening.


this should be a sign too

[00:12:10 | Edited 00:12:11] WindedCone: speaking of old engine anyone have EP1 old engine with fixed demo recording? [00:12:36] Sigg3E: I got EP1 new engine with fixed demo recording [00:12:52] WindedCone: but thats new [00:13:42] .exe: lol quad ... [01:06:59] Elias (Elgu): [00:12] Sigg3E:

<<< I got EP1 new engine with fixed demo recording >>>Can you send that to me?
[01:07:07] Elias (Elgu): wait
[01:07:08] Elias (Elgu): fok
[01:07:10] Elias (Elgu): new engine
[01:07:37] .exe: rekt
[01:07:58] Andrei Seymour: [01:07] Elias (Elgu):

<<< I got EP1 new engine with fixed demo recording
[01:07:58] Andrei Seymour: woah hype
[01:08:09] Elias (Elgu): [01:08] Andrei Seymour:

<<< new engine
[01:08:16] .exe: double rekt?
[01:08:19] Elias (Elgu): yes
[01:08:23] Elias (Elgu): we cant read
[01:08:29] .exe: sorry i must post this to the forums
[01:08:34] Andrei Seymour: oh rip
[01:08:49] Andrei Seymour: Ignore me


[14:01:50] i just had the weirdest dream
[14:02:07] i dreamt that exec somehow managed to spam the irc under my name
[14:02:10] then i kicked him
[14:02:16] then he came back and did it again so i banned him
[14:02:19] then it ended


Not even a group quote

[15:44:38] There are two kinds of people in this world. The one who drinks cola, and the one who drinks pepsi.

[15:47:55] The later one suck, and should be ashamed of themselves
[15:53:36] lol


Pepsi is better. But the best is fritz at all.

Coca Cola is shit if you’ve drinked fritz.


Soda drinks are detrimental to your health


said while drinking another one litre of soda


I’ve drunk about three soda drinks last 2 years : >


I am your health Yalter. :smiley:


Soda drinks are absolutely disgusting.



[7:47:39 PM] WindedCone: whats all this about system32? [7:47:57 PM] WindedCone: what is this a le 9gag sub reddid raid? [7:51:00 PM] Jared 'Centaur1um' O'Brien: god, stop using that meme [7:51:07 PM] WindedCone: but thats the raiding meme [7:52:32 PM] Sigg3E: shut up, or you'll be a WoundedCone


Really fucking long but worth a read if you want a laugh and an idea of the shit we get up to in the SourceRuns chat.

Quick Backstory: Some kid lied his way into one of the runs by bullshitting revolutionary routes to Gocnak (ie. Canals_11 skip, which Rama already found). He lied and boasted about fake shit and made calls in the skype all the time for no reason and made a fool of himself and got banned (example of bullshit He said this as Wako).
So 6 months later he decides to come back under the name “Manifest” which is fucking dumb because that’s one of his names on his Wako steam account. We grabbed his IP and matched it to his old account confirming it was him. So we decided to add him to the skype chat and fuck with him a bit. Audio from the call we were with him is linked at the bottom.

Manifest = Wako the bullshitter

[5/6/2015 11:07:33 AM] BitRain: he added me, same IP
[5/6/2015 11:11:00 AM] Matmo: oh boy
[5/6/2015 11:31:14 AM] WindedCone: ayy @kib and wako
Wako in disguise gets added
[5/6/2015 11:50:45 PM] Moritz / Fnzzy: o/
[5/6/2015 11:50:47 PM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Hello
[5/6/2015 11:57:57 PM] .exe: didnt see you stream
[5/6/2015 11:58:00 PM] PJC: ideally if you have TAS-like strafes you’d reach something like 600ups in 1.1 seconds
[5/6/2015 11:58:02 PM] .exe: no way you got 34 minutes holy shit
[5/6/2015 11:58:03 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: i don’t stream
[5/6/2015 11:58:33 PM] Manifest: Is that good?
[5/6/2015 11:58:42 PM] Manifest: But that was long time ago.
[5/6/2015 11:58:50 PM] .exe: ye its decent, what fps?
[5/6/2015 11:58:57 PM] Manifest: 249
[5/6/2015 11:59:01 PM] Manifest: i think.
[5/6/2015 11:59:11 PM] Manifest: No, it was on AG. and my friend told me to use 100
[5/6/2015 11:59:12 PM] Manifest: I think.
[5/6/2015 11:59:23 PM] Manifest: I will have to re-do everything.
[5/6/2015 11:59:41 PM] PJC: that’s fine
[5/6/2015 11:59:43 PM] Manifest: I am so new to this, I am used to just practising speedrun techniques.
[5/6/2015 11:59:58 PM] Manifest: Just doing certain maps.
[5/6/2015 11:59:59 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: I thought you were TAS good…
[5/7/2015 12:00:16 AM] Manifest: Yeah thats what my friends say.
[5/7/2015 12:00:27 AM] .exe: well we all were noobs at some point
[5/7/2015 12:00:27 AM] Manifest: We did a HL1 mod speedrun (attempted)
[5/7/2015 12:00:32 AM] .exe: its np you’ll learn
[5/7/2015 12:00:40 AM] PJC: what mod?
[5/7/2015 12:00:50 AM] Manifest: I got 550+ UPS in one jump.
[5/7/2015 12:00:56 AM] Manifest: It was vengeance something.
[5/7/2015 12:01:04 AM] Manifest: Let me find it.
[5/7/2015 12:01:23 AM] BitRain: This’ll be interesting
[5/7/2015 12:01:26 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: We’ll wait
[5/7/2015 12:01:33 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Can’t wait to see this
[5/7/2015 12:01:50 AM] .exe: damn thats impressive
[5/7/2015 12:02:14 AM] BitRain: Surely TAS-like
[5/7/2015 12:02:24 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: 550 UPS as in pre-strafe speed?
[5/7/2015 12:02:24 AM] BitRain: Perhaps even better
[5/7/2015 12:02:26 AM] Manifest: My friends think I bounced on the ceiling and like collison boosted down somehow.
[5/7/2015 12:02:40 AM] .exe: what map?
[5/7/2015 12:02:46 AM] Manifest: Mod map.
[5/7/2015 12:02:58 AM] .exe: ah i thought it was ag_longjump
[5/7/2015 12:03:00 AM] .exe: still nice tho
[5/7/2015 12:03:09 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: 550 UPS pre-strafe or on the second jump?
[5/7/2015 12:03:14 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: When can you have a demo/recording of this to us?
[5/7/2015 12:03:17 AM] Manifest: Pre strafe.
[5/7/2015 12:03:26 AM] Manifest: I can go make some demos now.
[5/7/2015 12:03:27 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Wait, on default settings?
[5/7/2015 12:03:28 AM] PJC: sick
[5/7/2015 12:03:31 AM] PJC: can’t wait to see your demos man
[5/7/2015 12:03:42 AM] Manifest: Defualt settings as what ever the hell my mod was set to.
[5/7/2015 12:03:49 AM] Manifest: No sv_cheats used.
[5/7/2015 12:04:01 AM] PJC: yeah make a demo
[5/7/2015 12:04:15 AM] PJC: you might just be the next big talent if what you’re saying is true
[5/7/2015 12:04:17 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: If this is default the wow
[5/7/2015 12:04:29 AM] Manifest: WAIT!
[5/7/2015 12:04:30 AM] .exe: ye i think only rayvex and a couple of other runners have been able to get such longjump
[5/7/2015 12:04:40 AM] Manifest: I possibly boucned off the ceiling and got some speed
[5/7/2015 12:04:42 AM] Manifest: chillax xD
[5/7/2015 12:04:58 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: But you said it’s prestrafe
[5/7/2015 12:05:01 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: prestrafe tho
[5/7/2015 12:05:02 AM] Manifest: Yeah.
[5/7/2015 12:05:05 AM] Manifest: Oh.
[5/7/2015 12:05:09 AM] Manifest: As in standing still?
[5/7/2015 12:05:15 AM] .exe: ye on the ground
[5/7/2015 12:05:16 AM] .exe: acceljump
[5/7/2015 12:05:17 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: As in you walking on ground and then jump
[5/7/2015 12:05:25 AM] Manifest: I was walking on ground then jump.
[5/7/2015 12:05:29 AM] PJC: can you make a demo of the ceiling bounce?
[5/7/2015 12:05:31 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: BUt what about ceiling then
[5/7/2015 12:05:31 AM] Brandon: prestrafe = your speed when exiting the ground
[5/7/2015 12:05:31 AM] PJC: that sounds like a cool trick
[5/7/2015 12:05:36 AM] Manifest: I should still have it.
[5/7/2015 12:05:43 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Could you send it here
[5/7/2015 12:05:43 AM] Manifest: But you would have to get the mod.
[5/7/2015 12:05:45 AM] Manifest: thingy
[5/7/2015 12:05:47 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: DOn’t worry
[5/7/2015 12:05:53 AM] .exe: ah what mod was it again
[5/7/2015 12:05:56 AM] .exe: can you get the name pls
[5/7/2015 12:05:58 AM] .exe: sounded cool
[5/7/2015 12:06:00 AM] Manifest: Finding it now.
[5/7/2015 12:06:01 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: vengenance or something
[5/7/2015 12:06:07 AM] .exe: ye i think i’ve seen it somewhere
[5/7/2015 12:06:10 AM] PJC: yeah and we’ve never heard about this ceiling bounce stuff so pretty nice
[5/7/2015 12:06:15 AM] .exe: wanted to speedrun it but didnt get round to it
[5/7/2015 12:06:17 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: yeah, seriously
[5/7/2015 12:06:20 AM] BitRain: Big lolly perhaps?
[5/7/2015 12:06:22 AM] .exe: maybe you would like to make a duo project sometime?
[5/7/2015 12:06:27 AM] .exe: of that mod
[5/7/2015 12:06:38 AM] Manifest: Yes.
[5/7/2015 12:06:43 AM] Manifest: vengeance something.
[5/7/2015 12:06:46 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: So the demo
[5/7/2015 12:07:06 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Upload it to some file uploader like
[5/7/2015 12:07:13 AM] Manifest: 1. Find mod
[5/7/2015 12:07:19 AM] Manifest: 2.Find spreadsheet with meo url
[5/7/2015 12:07:23 AM] Manifest: demo*
[5/7/2015 12:07:30 AM] .exe:
thats the one?
[5/7/2015 12:09:33 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: prob
[5/7/2015 12:09:38 AM] .exe: brb 10 min
[5/7/2015 12:11:28 AM] Manifest: Poke646:Vendetta
[5/7/2015 12:11:30 AM] Manifest: That was it.
[5/7/2015 12:11:35 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Oh
[5/7/2015 12:11:40 AM] Manifest: We attempted it a long time ago.
[5/7/2015 12:11:46 AM] BitRain: I LOVE THAT MOD
[5/7/2015 12:12:00 AM] PJC: so can you send the demo
[5/7/2015 12:12:03 AM] PJC: the one bouncing off the ceiling
[5/7/2015 12:12:07 AM] Manifest: Must find it.
[5/7/2015 12:12:27 AM] PJC: make sure to check your other hard drive
[5/7/2015 12:12:38 AM] PJC: sometimes NGHL saves stuff there
[5/7/2015 12:12:50 AM] Manifest: The prblem is its not on my pc.
[5/7/2015 12:13:03 AM] Manifest: When I do a run we always put the demo url in the spreadsheet.
[5/7/2015 12:13:08 AM] Manifest: and its on my old gmail.
[5/7/2015 12:13:08 AM] PJC: can you link the spreadsheet then?
[5/7/2015 12:13:11 AM] PJC: oh
[5/7/2015 12:13:11 AM] BitRain: Don’t you hate it when demos disappear?
[5/7/2015 12:13:19 AM] Manifest: Trying to find it since it was public.
[5/7/2015 12:13:36 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Take your time
[5/7/2015 12:13:36 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Check the browser history
[5/7/2015 12:14:07 AM] Manifest: The reason I lost gmail account was because my harddrive’s allocation table whatever you call it died.
[5/7/2015 12:14:21 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: What?
[5/7/2015 12:14:26 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: what does that even mean
[5/7/2015 12:14:30 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Isn’t gmail stored on google’s servers
[5/7/2015 12:14:35 AM] Rama: dont you remember your password?
[5/7/2015 12:14:35 AM] Manifest: Yes.
[5/7/2015 12:14:38 AM] PJC: you allocated a table to put your hard drive on?
[5/7/2015 12:14:40 AM] Manifest: I cannot log in to my gmail.
[5/7/2015 12:14:55 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: so, you “lost” the demo?
[5/7/2015 12:14:58 AM] PJC: and the table broke, resulting in your hard drive breaking?
[5/7/2015 12:15:03 AM] PJC: or what
[5/7/2015 12:15:06 AM] Manifest: NO!!!
[5/7/2015 12:15:07 AM] PJC: sorry i’m not good with computers
[5/7/2015 12:15:15 AM] Manifest: A harddrive has an allocation unit.
[5/7/2015 12:15:25 AM] Manifest: The size of the hard drive in Bytes?
[5/7/2015 12:15:28 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: There’s a password restore feature
[5/7/2015 12:15:30 AM] PJC: oh i see
[5/7/2015 12:15:30 AM] BitRain: So how’d you remember the exact number of ups?
[5/7/2015 12:15:35 AM] Manifest: It fucked up and registsres as 1byte now.
[5/7/2015 12:15:51 AM] Brandon: OK but, my question is… did you never just… remember your email information???
[5/7/2015 12:16:00 AM] Manifest: I remember it because everyone thought I was using host_timescale or got big boost from the wall.
[5/7/2015 12:16:12 AM | Removed 12:16:27 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: This message has been removed.
[5/7/2015 12:16:14 AM | Removed 12:16:28 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: This message has been removed.
[5/7/2015 12:16:14 AM] Manifest: I know me email info now.
[5/7/2015 12:16:14 AM | Removed 12:16:29 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: This message has been removed.
[5/7/2015 12:16:14 AM] PJC: wait what
[5/7/2015 12:16:15 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: FUCK
[5/7/2015 12:16:15 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: HL1 has no host_timescale?
[5/7/2015 12:16:15 AM] Manifest: xD
[5/7/2015 12:16:20 AM] PJC: but host_timescale doesn’t exist in goldsrc?
[5/7/2015 12:16:51 AM] Manifest: Yes it does, it has some form of command like that?
[5/7/2015 12:17:16 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Which command is that
[5/7/2015 12:17:56 AM] Manifest: Checking NGHL now.
[5/7/2015 12:18:30 AM] Manifest: host_framerate?
[5/7/2015 12:18:43 AM] PJC: oh right
[5/7/2015 12:18:46 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Host_framerate is really unstable though
[5/7/2015 12:18:58 AM] Manifest: I dunnuh, they thought I was using a command to gain speed or something idfk.
[5/7/2015 12:19:04 AM] Manifest: It was like 2 years ago.
[5/7/2015 12:19:09 AM] PJC: ok np
[5/7/2015 12:19:11 AM] Manifest: I remember to this day.
[5/7/2015 12:19:16 AM] PJC: so do you have any demos at all?
[5/7/2015 12:19:21 AM] Manifest: I did the map in 16.14ms
[5/7/2015 12:19:31 AM] PJC: and if not, can you record one just so we can see your skill level?
[5/7/2015 12:19:47 AM] Manifest: Yeah sure you want GoldSRC or hl2?
[5/7/2015 12:20:03 AM] PJC: both preferrably
[5/7/2015 12:20:06 AM] Brandon: yeah
[5/7/2015 12:20:15 AM] BitRain: Ag tricks for example
[5/7/2015 12:20:22 AM] PJC: since we’ll be able to assign you to groups for both engines if you’ve got skill in them
[5/7/2015 12:20:52 AM] Manifest: I would only be able to route in Hl2.
[5/7/2015 12:21:11 AM] PJC: why?
[5/7/2015 12:21:26 AM] Manifest: Not very good with my HL2 coordination?
[5/7/2015 12:21:37 AM] Manifest: You know what I mean, ABH be fucking me up.
[5/7/2015 12:21:49 AM] .exe: ah ye
[5/7/2015 12:21:56 AM] .exe: hl1 a bit easier since speed is easier to control
[5/7/2015 12:22:03 AM] Manifest: u wot m8?
[5/7/2015 12:22:09 AM] PJC: well can you at least make a demo somewhere of you showing off your skill
[5/7/2015 12:22:14 AM] Manifest: Yeah.
[5/7/2015 12:22:18 AM] PJC: ok thanks
[5/7/2015 12:22:21 AM] .exe: ye just a demo of you bhopping or something
[5/7/2015 12:22:24 AM] Manifest: Mkay.
[5/7/2015 12:22:59 AM] Manifest: Loads up Black Mesa Inbound
[5/7/2015 12:23:06 AM] .exe: :smiley:
[5/7/2015 12:23:18 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: best bhop chapter
[5/7/2015 12:23:29 AM] Manifest: Types in console map c1a0
[5/7/2015 12:23:29 AM] BitRain: My favorite bhop map
[5/7/2015 12:23:38 AM] PJC: oh man here we go
[5/7/2015 12:23:43 AM] PJC: i’m squirming with excitement :smiley:
[5/7/2015 12:23:56 AM] Manifest: The sarcasm israel
[5/7/2015 12:24:00 AM] PJC: no dude
[5/7/2015 12:24:04 AM] PJC: dw about it
[5/7/2015 12:25:44 AM] Manifest: Oh fuck.
[5/7/2015 12:25:54 AM] Manifest: What is default host_framerate X_X
[5/7/2015 12:25:56 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: 0
[5/7/2015 12:25:57 AM] .exe: 0
[5/7/2015 12:26:05 AM] .exe: dont cheat pls
[5/7/2015 12:26:25 AM] PJC: oh yeah manifest, didn’t you want to play me in ag?
[5/7/2015 12:26:39 AM] .exe: oh ye i saw a post about you mentioning it
[5/7/2015 12:26:41 AM] Manifest: I already have and you destroyed me.
[5/7/2015 12:26:51 AM] .exe: didn’t see you in-game, though i haven’t played in a while
[5/7/2015 12:26:52 AM] PJC: oh, i don’t recognise your name
[5/7/2015 12:26:54 AM] Manifest: A long long time ago.
[5/7/2015 12:26:56 AM] Manifest: You wont.
[5/7/2015 12:26:59 AM] Manifest: Keysha?
[5/7/2015 12:27:10 AM] PJC: oh wait
[5/7/2015 12:27:12 AM] Manifest: I went like 5-20
[5/7/2015 12:27:15 AM] PJC: i recognise that name i think
[5/7/2015 12:27:17 AM] Manifest: and you left.
[5/7/2015 12:27:18 AM] PJC: keysha yeah
[5/7/2015 12:27:34 AM] PJC: it was more like 5-100 though
[5/7/2015 12:27:36 AM] PJC: crossfire i think
[5/7/2015 12:27:54 AM] PJC: you were in some clan weren’t you?
[5/7/2015 12:28:27 AM] Manifest: No.
[5/7/2015 12:28:32 AM] Manifest: Always lone wolf.
[5/7/2015 12:28:37 AM] PJC: ah
[5/7/2015 12:28:49 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: So what about that demo
[5/7/2015 12:28:58 AM] PJC: ^
[5/7/2015 12:29:08 AM] .exe: take your time on it
[5/7/2015 12:29:14 AM] PJC: as soon as we see a demo we can assign you a group
[5/7/2015 12:29:23 AM] PJC: and yeah no pressure
[5/7/2015 12:30:19 AM] Manifest: Your killing me.
[5/7/2015 12:30:43 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Sorry just too excited
[5/7/2015 12:30:45 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: D:
[5/7/2015 12:31:03 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Don’t worry though, since you’re good with routing
[5/7/2015 12:33:15 AM] Manifest: How do you know that?
[5/7/2015 12:33:26 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Well you said you wanted to route didn’t you
[5/7/2015 12:33:38 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Speaking of
[5/7/2015 12:33:41 AM] BitRain: You said you were tas guy
[5/7/2015 12:33:45 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: since that’ skind of the whole reason you’re here
[5/7/2015 12:34:01 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: there’s a HL2 re-run going on
[5/7/2015 12:34:03 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: You’re welcome to join
[5/7/2015 12:34:11 AM] Manifest: Sure.
[5/7/2015 12:34:14 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: alright, cool
[5/7/2015 12:34:16 AM] .exe: its on new engine
[5/7/2015 12:34:17 AM] .exe: like
[5/7/2015 12:34:21 AM] .exe: dwahmov but with boatless and new skips
[5/7/2015 12:34:29 AM] Manifest: Sick.
[5/7/2015 12:34:47 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: But we really need help with planning and general routing
[5/7/2015 12:34:47 AM] Manifest: Can I just say I loved dwahmov and it inspired me.
[5/7/2015 12:34:49 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: The game is just huge and the effort is huge
[5/7/2015 12:34:51 AM] PJC: aww how sweeet of you
[5/7/2015 12:34:56 AM] .exe: ye i think dwahmov has been a huge inspiration for everyone
[5/7/2015 12:35:04 AM] .exe: nice of you to say so haha
[5/7/2015 12:35:06 AM] .exe: we worked hard on it
[5/7/2015 12:35:23 AM] Manifest: Can I say it disapointed me in the audi commentary, exe you were not there.
[5/7/2015 12:35:33 AM] Manifest: I wanted to hear your accent SO badly
[5/7/2015 12:36:02 AM] Manifest: I have never heard a Latvian before :smiley:
[5/7/2015 12:36:13 AM] .exe: im not latvian
[5/7/2015 12:36:19 AM] Manifest: Hehehe
[5/7/2015 12:36:19 AM] .exe: Lithuania ;>
[5/7/2015 12:36:23 AM] Manifest: Tehhe
[5/7/2015 12:36:34 AM] .exe: ye people make this mistake im used to it
[5/7/2015 12:36:36 AM] .exe: its k
[5/7/2015 12:37:30 AM] .exe: wait we’ll add you to the hl2 group so you can hear my accent
[5/7/2015 12:42:18 AM] *** Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien removed Manifest from this conversation. *****
[5/7/2015 12:42:24 AM] .exe: HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA
[5/7/2015 12:42:28 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh:
[5/7/2015 12:42:28 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh:
[5/7/2015 12:42:28 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh:
[5/7/2015 12:42:29 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh:
[5/7/2015 12:42:29 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh:
[5/7/2015 12:42:29 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh:
[5/7/2015 12:48:41 AM] BitRain: Fucking wako
[5/7/2015 12:49:20 AM | Removed 12:52:03 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: This message has been removed.
[5/7/2015 12:49:24 AM] Moritz / Fnzzy: lol ^
[5/7/2015 12:49:42 AM] Rama: rekt
[5/7/2015 12:50:30 AM] Till (TheAsuro): l m a o
[5/7/2015 12:51:51 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Okay.
Quote from private chat:
[12:47:46 PM] Manifest: Damn, better luck next 6months eh?
[12:47:57 PM] Manifest: When did you find out?
[12:48:14 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Introduction post
[12:48:21 PM] Manifest: How?
[12:48:24 PM] Manifest: Wales? xD
[12:48:28 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Everything
[12:48:34 PM] Manifest: Everything?
[12:49:04 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: The way you talked, asking about your banned, Wale, your IP
[12:49:10 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: You were exceedingly obvious
[12:49:12 PM] Manifest: Yes.
[12:49:15 PM] Manifest: But the thing is.
[12:49:20 PM] Manifest: That in the rules.
[12:49:32 PM] Manifest: It stated that someone who was working on a HL2 project got banned.
[12:49:48 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: okay please
[12:49:49 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: stop
[12:49:53 PM] Manifest: I was actually curious I thought that it was someone from DWAHMOV or something.
[12:49:53 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: you’re SOOOO bad at lying
[12:49:59 PM] Manifest: And that is being 100% honest .
[12:50:08 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: alright, great
[12:50:17 PM] Manifest: That is one thing I am being honest.
[12:50:44 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: Well, if you say so
[12:50:51 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: either way, just bugger off already
[12:51:00 PM] Manifest: I was actually gunna try and help.
[12:51:04 PM] Manifest: Thats the thing doe.
[12:51:07 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: not interested
[12:51:12 PM] Manifest: Oh well once fucked, allways fucked.
[12:51:15 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: yep
[12:51:16 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: bye
[12:51:20 PM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien blocked Manifest
End Quote
[5/7/2015 12:53:15 AM] Moritz / Fnzzy: I still kinda want his demo though?
[5/7/2015 12:53:24 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: prob not gonna happen :frowning:
[5/7/2015 12:53:27 AM] Moritz / Fnzzy: damn :frowning:
[5/7/2015 12:54:18 AM] Rama: i have the call recorded
[5/7/2015 12:54:22 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: YUS
[5/7/2015 12:54:24 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: UPLOAD PLS
[5/7/2015 12:54:43 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: I’m making a big pastebin
[5/7/2015 12:57:58 AM]
[5/7/2015 12:58:50 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien:
[5/7/2015 12:59:33 AM] Jared ‘Centaur1um’ O’Brien: you missed everything
[5/7/2015 1:01:07 AM] BitRain:
[5/7/2015 1:01:38 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: I’m gonna add this to the main pastebimn
[5/7/2015 1:03:01 AM] Rama: why does he talk like we’re his friends
[5/7/2015 1:03:15 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: =^)
[5/7/2015 1:05:31 AM] Ivan “YaLTeR” Molodetskikh: Now contains everything:


“what’s ur favorite meme?”


I laughed for hours listening to that recording. (“Aw shit, I got a spoon in my freezer be right back”) (“If I can remember the password… I thinks it’s just… chinese dicks.”) You guys should do podcasts.


Or reboot SourceCast, and make it a bit more casual and maybe longer. If that was funny, I’d love to see what a more laid back SourceCast with WindedCone would be like.


^We’ve talked about this a lot, but we’d need a lot of people to commit, and we’d need to figure out a new system besides putting it on youtube.


^Upload to soundcloud. I listen to plenty of podcasts on soundcloud and try uploading every week. And every now an then let people ask you questions and answer them on the podcast