Wow, nice work guys


No one told me this was going on. I’m looking forward (or should I say BACKWARD) to seeing an ABH speedrun of HL2. If you guys need any help testing something, I’ll be around. I guess you guys gave up on EP2 speedrunning, eh?


Still in the pipeline just I’m busy with uni for another 4 weeks.



If you’re up for it, we have no idea if the orb launch in d3_citadel_04 still works or not. :wink:

As for Ep2, I asked CooL and he said something about the team fell apart or something. I was personally wanting to join in on it after Precursor.


We’re all just busy, once uni’s over for all of us, we’ll resume it.


Do you guys still need help with this? I’m starting to become active in gaming again, so I’d like to help out if need be. Also, I’m loving that you guys need to memorize the maps backwards. I know that pain. :smiley:


Think eXeC already pulled it off in his route video and don’t see why it wouldn’t work anymore (the table one still works). Won’t hurt testing it again though because it’s a pretty cool trick and I’m sure you’ll get a boast of it.

Main issue at hand here is health management. I haven’t looked past Ravenholm yet though so I can’t really brief you on that.



So if you can, DemonStrate, please play around with it and see if you get anywhere close (height-wise) without dying. It would help us out a ton. If you need any help, check the HL2DQ video in my other post for reference of what to use to launch and where to shoot the orb.

Now if you’d excuse me, I have a 017 to go get…again…


We need to get suga for this!


Okie dokie. Are you guys playing on a specific version of the game, or will the one on Steam be fine?


We’re running on the current Steam version.

This trick my only need luck, because I don’t think Orb Jumping has been patched, if it works with tables (even in HL2DM). It’s either luck or we have to find a reliable pixel to hit while standing in a good position to get the jump. Oh by the way, remember the trick that Inexistence found? Something about climbing on wild orbs to get height. If the orb jumping wont work, we could always use that one. We just need a Combine to shoot an orb.

Now, this also reminds me of another thing that makes you jumpy with Orbs. Like, when you hit them in the correct angle it will send you skywards like this.


Awesome. So, the goal is to reach the top of the room alive without using the elevator. I can definitely take a look at that. I’m much better at finding ways to do things that people don’t normally think of. :slight_smile:

The other topic of health management seems more like a ‘database heavy’ task instead of a thought provoking one. To do it properly, you’d have maps of where all the health is located on each of the maps we’d be running, or enemies that would drop health when you kill them (they do that, right?). Then, you could strategically figure out how to modify routes to get those health pickups as needed. It is quite time intensive.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

As for the health, I think we got that covered for now. And yes, Combine drop these little medkits when you’re low on health, so that could be useful as well (they give you from 10 to 15 health points I guess).


Combine droppables give you 15 HP.

The next deadspot concerning health is in Ravenholm. I’ll assign people to finding the fastest route later (I heard eXeC talk about grenade jumps long ago), and then I’ll see if that route is possible. (Should be, we get spammed with them at one point.)

Coast shouldn’t give us much trouble if we land the ABH’s without health loss. Can even land some with health loss as we can get medkits as we pick up the RPG.

As for prison, I have no idea.

I’ll get back to you on the ravenholm issue.


In my attempts so far, the highest I got was on the elevator platform, just shy of the platform we need to land on to advance on that map. I’ve figured out a semi-consistent way to reproduce the launch. However, damage taken and height achieved is inconsistent. Overall, I believe it will be possible. Health-wise, in most cases, to get close to that height, I went from 100hp, 60arm to 60hp, 0arm. In very rare cases, I was able to achieve decent height with no damage taken. It depends on if the screen hits you as it launches you.


Seeing as HL2DQ barely made it either, I think this one will just be a luck manipulation then?


Wonderful! I was worried that citadel would be the bane to our run, but this puts hope in it. Thanks for double checking this for us.

And yeah I think this segment is going to be what 014 was, just with a confirmation of actually being able to do it now.


I’ve been doing more testing… I figured out a way to give a massive increase in force for launching. Unfortunately, it is randomized. But, the good news is that it, more than likely, would always allow us to make it up there if it happens properly. I still am working at getting an attempt that makes it up there, though.


That’s good news!


Why didn’t you guys tell me there was a vehicle on this map?


What vehicle?