What do I need to start learning HL1.


I’ve been watching www.twitch.tv/cirno_tv run Half Life 1, and it looks like a lot of fun. He says he uses a separate client and I’m curious about that, I have the game on Steam but do I need to rebuy the game on said client?

Any information on running the game would be appreciated.


Most HL1 (GoldSrc) running is done on the NGHL client - http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/New_Gauge_Half-Life_Client -
And most HL1 scripts are found here - http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Half-Life_Scripts
If you want extra information about your viewangle, xyz pos, and more, place the bunnymod pro folder into the NGHL directory - http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Bunnymod_Pro
Other questions can probably be answerd here - Half-Life basics, tutorials, downloads - Helpdesk, ask questions here

HL:Source on the other hand, I have no idea, I believe they are using the steam version.


For Half Life: Source we use an earlier version to allow for demo playback. However the difference between the versions doesn’t change the gameplay so any glitches on any version of Half Life: Source remain between version switches so if you’re trying to learn Source then it’ll do fine.


Typical, has anyone ever completed a full run and uploaded?


I don’t believe so. There are quite a few route demos on the dropbox but apart from that the scene has always been quite dead.


This is the only thing I could find, and it’s not all that good.


I’m pretty sure Elgu has been running HLS, maybe he has a run on his Twitch. Jeralulz said he also made a SS run but he didn’t stream it, so idk.