Translate wiki into Russian


Hello guys. I’m Russian. I want to translate articles in wiki into Russian. Why I just don’t create a new article with a note “ru”? Because I want the full support of the administration. Button to change the language. Russian runners community is very large. Not everyone knows English. I wanted to write to administration by email, but did not find email on the site. So, administration, leave your email or write in this topic.


BUMP! I agree with this. I’m english, but I think russian would be useful as there are alot of russian runner out there! maybe a rusian version of the site, maybe


Maybe, but now I want to translate wiki. Unfortunately it is only with the permission and support of the administration.


Sorry, but D4rw1N and I discussed this, and not only do we not want to split the site up and separate the community, it just wouldn’t go over very well… It would just make things complicated.



Unfortunately creating a “Russian subpart” of SourceRuns isn’t as easy as slapping on a new domain… There’s a lot of work involved.

Of course we greet anyone to SourceRuns with open arms. But frankly, if you’re bad enough at speaking English that you can’t even communicate with us then this isn’t the place for you. I’m sure there are tons of other Russian speedrunning sites/communities/forums.

As for the wiki, I don’t really see the need for all that work and hassle. If you truly don’t understand any English and need something of the wiki then Google Translate will get the job done.


I don’t want create a community based on SourceRuns with purchase of a new domain. I just want translate all the articles from the wiki, because Google Translate is not doing its job well. I know English well and it won’t a hard work to me.


Well, I’d be happy to support it, there are a few MediaWiki plugins that will work out most things such as generating links to the alt-language pages. There is no need for a separate domain or anything, the plugins work like so: is the English main page and would be the Russian one.

Alternatively, a separate Namespace could be made, resulting in: being the Russian language pages.


So when I can start translate the articles?


Assuming the others agree, I can install the plugin when I’m next logged in to the server.


You ask them and write their solution in this thread, or they should write in this thread if they agree?


Would be cool, can help with translations aswell.


Another Russian. Здравствуй.


Yeah, I can help as well.




WOW! В DWAHMOV были русские раннеры. Вот это да. :slight_smile:


Admin edit: Do not use Russian in the forums, we stick to English here.


Люлей дадут? :slight_smile: I won’t embarrass anyone. :slight_smile:


[Translation] WOW! There were russian runners in DWAHMOV. :slight_smile:

Please keep the forums English, or at least provide a translation.

Yeah, and not only me, OnTrigger is russian as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok-ok, i understand.


I’m not very good with wiki stuff so I can’t help with the technicalities, but on my end I’m cool with you translating it, as long as someone is willing to actively tell me and/or Jared (Centaur1um) if the translation is well written with good grammar and not adding stuff that wasn’t in the original article. YaLTeR, would you be up for that?

We’re very keen on keeping everything SourceRuns related at a high standard. So naturally we need someone we know to read through all the translations and tell us if it’s good or not, and since we don’t know Russian… Yeah, you get it.

And like YaLTeR said, absolutely NO Russian on the forums. Everyone should be able to understand everyone. I do not want to see you guys using Russian in your posts again (unless it’s asking for help with certain words you’re not sure how to translate for example).

To summarize, I’ll check with Jared on this once he gets on and then either him or me will give you a heads up in this thread if you’re good to go or not.