The Tricks Video

So I think I’ll work on it now. Right now I have that big rar from Filefront and 3 extra trick demos that were listed in the “End Project” thread:t_d2_coast_07_looooongjump_magz.rart_d3_c17_08_movingplatformjump_magz.rart_d3_c17_12_burningtreejump_magz.rarIs that everything?(edit) Video is done.worldspace.nureborn.ruIt’s in Xvid and is 140 megs. I’m not going to make other qualities because I think that would be silly for a 9-minute video. (except for DemonStrate’s DVD version).Song 1: “The River Cruise Part 2” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Danny ElfmanSong 2: “Dreaming In Colour” from The Seduction of Claude Debussy by Art of NoiseI credited people by the number of clips in the video. Actually I think I also credited someone whose trick didn’t make it in, because I pulled it for flow and timing reasons.The credits footage was my doing. I remembered having lots of fun with phys_timescale .1 in the CS:Source beta so I stuck it in there. My only regret is that variable does not apply to contact grenades (or “mortars” in hl2dq-speak).EDIT: a new link

have a look at the others tricks in the trick thread if you have the time, add some others, and just as equaly take some of the original ones out. I would obviously like as many tricks in as possible, but if they do get too same-y take a couple out. maybe remove the burningtreejump, as apparently its very similar to the actual run (which i havnt seen yet lol).Use your own discreton (spelling :S)

Yeah, just use what you think is best. This is where i think that the video could be ‘flashy’, in the sense that it is made with editing special effects and things. Such things as ‘slow-mo replays’ of complicated tricks or really fast tricks. Just try not to take away too much from how cool the tricks are. :stuck_out_tongue:

the tricky thing is that I think this is what the mP team might be doing if they choose to accept :stuck_out_tongue:

They said they wanted to do a “best of HL2DQ” video, but not a tricks/outtakes video.

yeah I know, but I was just assuming that their “best of hl2dq” video, would include lots of the tricks etc. Im not complaining at all, the more videos the merrier as far as im concerned.

It is done.BittorrentEDIT: Broken linkI will comment more later. Sleep now.

screw torrent! i need direct link! SOMEONE haha

Uploaded to…part1.rar.html…part2.rar.htmlI had to split it because the upload limit on a single file seemed to be 100MB.

Split rapidshare files = 1 hour wait between downloads for the free option.

Yeah. :(To get around it, you could try reconnecting (if you’ve got dynamic IP), or searching for a proxy, however. Until someone uploads it to filefront, that is. :smiley:

I really liked the video. Tricks were good (obviously). I liked the music alot and how you chose to arrange the clips depending on that. It was well thought out. The only thing that was strange was then very end, when you showed the HL1 clip. Could i, for the DVD, stretch that so it is the same size as the rest of the video? It would be very strange to have it strink right at the end of it, especially on a TV. And, id make it that when it changes to green, itll really quick fade to green, because its very harsh on the eyes to flash green in your face, especially if watching it in complete darkness, either on a TV or a montior. Ill still keep it timed to the song, it just has to be slightly less of a “snap” than that. Lol. All and all, great video! I really enjoyed it. Are you making the background video too? If you are, Id like to suggest using the HL2 music for it, so itll sound and feel like HL2 when you startup the DVD. :-D.

Well the song goes “when I snap my fingers, you will be in a different world” so I figured why not change games? I was originally going to put in a Codename Gordon clip but Fraps wouldn’t let me. :frowning: Anyway I will PM you a link to a higher-quality version you can use for the DVD later on. I’ll try to put in the changes you requested for it.

errr. so how do i get it. rapidshare says i have to wait 40 mins, and with the torrent, it all seems to download fine (and v quick) but then i cant find it… :S

just use the torrent, its working

There should be a “HL2DQ Tricks.avi” file where you chose to save it. There also might be a default download directory for your bittorrent client.

have looked in the download location and its not there. have searched my harddrive for things with “hl2dq” in them, and not there. have tried downloading the torrent thingy again, but it just says its already done and at 100%

I don’t know what to tell you. It’s just a normal bittorrent download.

yaya, got it fixed now. ty.

Hm… so you cant record Codename: Gordon? Interesting. I think that would be cooler, but if you cant get it to work, stick with the HL1. Im not saying it was bad to change to it, its just not sized the same as the rest of the video. Thats all.