The SourceRuns Winter contest is now over!


I think just completing this map will secure top 4 lol.


Can we use a turret?


I can’t even get past the vortigaunts at the beginning of the level without losing all my health.

Would make it a lot easier.


you just kinda wall strafe and run past them.


Yes you can use the turret.


Yes, confirming what PJC said.


Alright, I’ve reverted the Bunnymod rule, now it’s back to what it was when e1m1 took place. Been receiving lots of comments about it and it would be cool to receive as many demos as possible from you guys! :slight_smile:


Are the winners’ videos going to be uploaded somewhere to be watched?


Yes, probably all the other demos will be shared too.


exec, jesus, what did you do to our banned group


Changed the fps limit for this map to 142.857 fps to make it easier to complete. If you’re having problems with reaching this value/having it consistent, use r_drawentities 0


The contest is now over! Winners will be contacted soon!


Congrats to the winners! I would have submitted more but I blow at GoldSRC.


Get ready to be banned, last placer.


Congrats! That’s a picture worth picture worth framing, is the next contest going to be next winter? Or will we be expecting other seasonal contests?


GG. I wish there would have been more people tryharding, but it was fun either way. Thank you!


Congratulations sadf!

Please don’t let the video delay too long 8)


There’s a lot of last placers :^)


Congrats sadf! Looking forward to video uploads.