The SourceRuns Winter contest is now over!


The SourceRuns Winter contest has now ended!

The fastest time of the last map, surf_river_of_flame, has been achieved by sadf - 34 seconds!

It’s been really great seeing the community submit so many demos for our event, some of the objectives were easy, some were hard, but we were mostly impressed by the amount and the quality of your submitted demos!

Starting December 10th up until December 26th, runners have been submitting their fast demos of our selected maps and the runners who collected the most points at the end of the contest have won.

Grand prize: [url=]Humble Indie Bundle 13 BTA[/url].

2nd place gets GRID™ + Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy + Blackguards.
3rd place will be awarded with Always Sometimes Monsters + Full Mojo Rampage.

Here are the winners of the contest:
1st place - sadf
2nd place - Mikael
3rd place - YaLTeR

Congratulations! Detailed leaderboard can be found here.

A video compilation of the fastest runs can be found here!

We also want to give a big thanks to everyone who participated. Here’s the special prize for you - a drawing of a polar bear by Elgu & exec!

We hope you enjoyed this contest, we’re looking forward to do more of these in the future!

Happy holidays!





OOoohh, cant wait


That’s totally gonna be something interesting. ;D HYPE


Sounds neat. Is there a specific version/mod to be used or is that up to us?



Whoops, I should read more carefully.


Will there be a prize for last place?


You’ll most likely be banned.


Well, goodbye everyone. Was fun while it lasted.


But if you don’t enter you can’t get banned, right?


Don’t worry fnzzy, I’ll do some maps so you won’t get banned :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure the ban thing was just a joke lol.


im assuming this has to be SS, right?


Yes, as stated in the first post. (Saw that the rule was missing and made an edit 7 seconds before you posted :D)


hahah it wasn’t




secrets required for e1m1 or just all enemies?


The post says all enemies. Kinda weird but w/e. Also would be nice if you’d add the ammount of enemies in the map to the post. Because one of them is hidden and people who are new to this map might get confused if they killed em all or not.