The SourceRuns Winter contest is now over!


No secrets required, just enemies.


Not sure if I should bother submitting, my best attempt so far somewhat resembles a let’s play.


At the end of the round will there be a table with every submission so we can see how we are placed?

If you submit your demo but it does not take any place, you still get 4 points as long as it meets the requirements.


Yes there will be a table of results


Is it Bad Rats?


I’m going for the million$


Got the replacement mouse for my broken one. I can do this thing now \o/


won’t get mine until the 16th :(, I’ll definitely join the next one though. Seems like a lot of fun!


Well, make sure you submit something anyways, even if its really slow. This way you still get 4 points :slight_smile:


There are 10 enemies on the map, correct? Two outside the building, the first two guards, the one in the closet, the two across the pit, the two on the ramp, and the one at the end. If not, what am I missing?


Yes, that’s all of them.

EDIT: Submitted. Let’s get those 4 points :o


No thanks.



**You are allowed** to use NGHL/Steam with Bunnymod Pro or WON dlls.


I thought I was bad and now I know I am. crowbars are way 2 hard




This is where I surrender, you’d have to be really damn good at half life to even begin to know how to finish this, I’ll come back when there’s a HL2 contest :c


The current challenge is mainly about the tricks that you have to perform in the map, it’s not only the speed that matters :slight_smile:


The save can’t be downloaded, all I get is a wall of text.


Try rightclicking the link - “Save link as…”